Planning Your 2017 Leave for Longer Weekends to Explore These 7 Places

Are the six long weekends in 2016 too little for you? Good news, there are SEVEN long weekends in 2017 and you can easily make that TEN with out guide. We have 7 destinations perfect for your weekend getaways! Plan your leave in advance and you’ll have no difficulty leaving Singapore for a short getaway.

Dates for your off and leaves in 2017
Dates for your off and leaves in 2017 (The Straits Times)

Following the legend listed above, it’s easy to turn your seven long weekends into ten as long as you plan ahead! With this amount of weekends, there’s no reason for you to not explore the world!

Where should you go during your long weekend?

After getting approval for your leave, it’s time to plan your destinations. Whether you’re thinking of Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong or even Taiwan, we have numerous tips for you!

South Korea

Bukchon Hanok Village
Bukchon Hanok Village

Due to Hallyu, better known as Korean Wave, taking over Singapore by storm, more Singaporeans are picking Korea as a travel destination. Of course, the popularity of South Korean television series, Descendants of the Sun, plays a part in this as well.

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Bangkok City Skyline
Bangkok City Skyline (Flickr/ Prachanart Viriyaraks)

Whether you want to shop till you drop or just relac one corner, Thailand is an ideal choice. Top-notch massage, delicious food, cheap shopping – Thailand has them all! If you’ve never been to Thailand, we recommend Bangkok, a common choice amongst Singaporeans. Otherwise, consider exploring other parts of Thailand like Changmai.

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Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan
Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan (Flickr/ Mark Kao)

If you love shopping and food but have more time on your hands, consider Taiwan over Thailand. Even better, go during winter to escape Singapore’s heat!

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Hong Kong

Streets of Hong Kong as shown in HK Dramas
Streets of Hong Kong as shown in HK Dramas

A foodie’s paradise, Hong Kong is another well received destination for Singaporeans due to its proximity and similarity to Singapore. Usually densely packed with foreigners, you won’t stand out even if you’re a solo traveller!

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Sakura Flowers in Japan
Sakura Flowers in Japan

If you’re thinking of making use of a five-day
weekend to visit Japan, remember to avoid peak periods during school
holidays or you won’t be able to properly enjoy your trip.

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Adventure at an affordable price, Vietnam is a backpacker’s dream come true. Take a break from the typical busy lives of Singaporeans and luxuriate in a slower pace of life in cities like Hanoi. Don’t know what to do in Vietnam?

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Cute Dinosaurs in Malaysia
Cute Dinosaurs in Malaysia

Ahhh, a typical choice for Singaporeans, Malaysia is both convenient and cheap since it’s just across the border. With the ringgit in our favour, there’s no better time to pay a visit to our neighbour!

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