8 Places You Must Visit For Melbourne’s Art and Culture Scene

Cityscape of Melbourne City
Cityscape of Melbourne City (Flickr/ City of Melbourne )

Melbourne, the cultural capital of Australia, naturally attracts art lovers with its wealth of exhibitions, street performances, architectural landscapes. As avid aesthetes ourselves, KKday shares the 8 places we discovered in Melbourne for you to fully appreciate and immerse in their art and culture scene on your vacation there!

#1 Federation Square

Federation Square in Melbourne
Federation Square in Melbourne (Flickr/ Stefan Krasowski)

Federation Square, affectionately known to the locals as Fed Square, is one of the most visited attractions of Melbourne. Home to the many cultural festivals, art exhibitions, concerts and more, you have to check out this spot for the shopping whether you’re a film buff or art lover. Tired after your retail therapy? Take a break in one of the many places to eat and drink around the area.

#2 Australian Centre for Moving Image (ACMI)

Australian Centre for the Moving Image
Australian Centre for the Moving Image (Flickr/ Wojtek Gurak)

If you are into photography, digital media and the arts, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is one of the many art galleries in Melbourne you have to visit. It hosts numerous of exhibitions, festivals as well as workshops and programs.

#3 Flinders Station

Flinders Station
Flinders Station (Flickr/ Lars Pels)

Established in 1854, Flinders Station used to be one of the the busiest railway station in the world and a favourite meeting spot for locals before Fed Square took the honours. In times when handphones weren’t the norm, citizens of Melbourne used to gather under the clock in front of the station. If you’re feeling exceptionally nostalgic, talk a walk (and an insta-photo or two) around one of Australia‘s oldest train station — the distinctive yellow building with green dome has since became an iconic landmark of Melbourne.

#4 Royal Arcade

Royal Arcade
Royal Arcade (Wolfie Rankin)

Located in the central business district of Melbourne, the Royal Arcade is a quaint heritage shopping arcade with a whole range of food products and items. It is one of the oldest retail arcade in Australia, retaining the old pristine features and ornaments way back from 1870. Pssst, check out the popular Tarot reading store if you are into that!

#5 State Library of Victoria

State Library of Victoria
State Library of Victoria (Flickr/ Cory Doctorow)

Another famous and iconic landmark in Melbourne, State Library of Victoria is one of the most notable cultural symbols designed by Joseph Reed, an Australian architect. It has a huge art-decor-style dome shaped ceiling with stunning interior and a grand reading room.

#6 Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market
Queen Victoria Market (Flickr/ Alpha)

Opened only five days a week for business, Queen Victoria Market is a open-air market with a carnival like atmosphere selling all sorts of local produce, gourmet food and even Melbourne-made items like jewellery, souvenirs and more. This is one historic landmark and tourist attraction you shouldn’t miss if you’re looking for souvenirs from Melbourne for your family and friends.

#7 Melbourne’s Little Italy (Lygon Street)

Melbourne's Little Italy, Lygon Street
Melbourne’s Little Italy, Lygon Street ( Flickr/ Amalia Sari)

Lygon Street, also known as Little Italy, houses a large concentration of traditional Italian restaurants and is the go-to place to satisfy your craving for a good plate of pasta. Since University of Melbourne is a stone’s throw away, the area boasts a vibrant urban culture, promoting art and culture.

Fun fact: Melbourne‘s cafe culture started in Lygon Street!

#8 Southbank Walk


Southbank Walk
Southbank Walk (Flickr/ Rexness)


Situated in the heart of Melbourne, Southbank is always filled with people from all walks of life. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, head to this area for a walk along the river bank. Besides, Southbank is within walking distance from Flinders Street Station and Fed Square so don’t worry about the distance or travelling time!Need more Melbourne guides? KKday got you covered!

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