5 Adventures Suitable For Single Ladies

Photo credit: Flickr/ Chris Ford

Travelling solo as a woman is not something frowned upon anymore. In fact, it’s becoming quite the norm with everyone doing it nowadays! Going on solo trips doesn’t necessary mean you’re all alone in a foreign land – you can easily meet other similar travellers and locals. The adventures you have as single woman will definitely be fulfilling as it gets you out of your comfort zone. Read on for the five countries safe for you ladies to visit alone!

#5 Korea

Photo credit: Flickr/ Emmanuel Dyan

You don’t have to understand or speak even a smattering amount of Korean in order to enjoy Korea. The perceived language barrier shouldn’t stop you from travelling to the land of kimchi. Other than the signage all over Korea, most people are able to understand and communicate in simple English.

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#4 Hong Kong

Photo credit: Flickr/ Roberto Trombetta

If you’ve never been to Hong Kong, you are clearly missing out on life! Nothing should stop you from going to Hong Kong, not even if you can’t speak or understand a word of Cantonese. Firstly, the city has similar vibes to Singapore and knowing English is good enough for you to get by and cover the entire city. It’s tourist friendly with English signs all over and the affable locals.

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#3 Dubai

Photo credit: Flickr/ Mattharvey1

Contrary to popular belief, Dubai is one of the safest places to visit in the world. However, remember to respect the Islamic tradition by dressing modestly and appropriately there. Shy away from singlets, spaghetti tops and short bottoms. If you do not comply to the dress codes, security guards in the malls or hotels will stop you and tell you to cover up. You don’t want to embarrass yourself overseas!

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#2 Japan

Photo credit: Flickr/ George Alexander Ishida Newman

Travelling alone in Japan is an eye opening and invigorating experience, something you have to experience yourself to understand. Japan is known to be an expensive city so go for the cheaper accommodations like staying in a capsule hotel or a hostel. Finding bargains in Japan will allow you to channel your expenses on other areas like shopping or more unique experiences!

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#1 France

Photo credit: Flickr/ WiLPrZ

France is not just a city for love birds. Even if you’re #foreveralone, you should immerse yourself in the French way of living; soak in the rich culture, history and the art. Paris is best explored by foot so bring along a comfortable pair of waking shoes. Who knows, you may even find your Prince Charming in this city of love!

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These are the five places you could go as a single women if you are itching for some much needed adventure! Don’t forget to share your travel pictures with us by tagging us on Instagram or use the hashtag #kkdaysg for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page.