Have You Heard of Virgin Island – the Best Kept Secret of Thailand?

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Known for their quaint pristine beaches, there’s no reason to miss a trip to the tropical islands when you’re in Thailand! Basking under the sun, sipping on a coconut on the beach, swimming in the crystal clear blue waters, oh what a way to relax on a holiday! In addition to Phuket, KKday introduces you to Virgin Island, one of the best kept secrets of Thailand that even some locals are in the dark about!

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Virgin Island, also known as Koh Ta Chai, is only opened for half a year each year due to the relationship with the Thai Conservation Policy! This is to ensure that tourist visiting the island will not destroy the ecology within the island. As a result, even some of the locals don’t know the existence of this island!

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The pristine white beaches immediately takes your breath away upon your arrival. With a coast that stretches over 800m and water as clear and blue as the skies, you’ll be mesmerised by the picturesque island.

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In addition to walking along the coastlines, you can go for a snorkelling trip to enjoy the sea ecological landscape. Located in the northernmost island, there is a fascinating diving site where you can see stingrays clustered together. This also the perfect place for underwater photography as the waters are clear and there is a large variety of marine life. Besides stingrays, you will also be able to see sea slugs, crabs and many more!

When you are tired from all the fun under the sun, return to shore for a hearty authentic Thai lunch!

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Setting foot on Virgin Island National Park, not only can you relax and have fun, but you can also learn more about ecology. Take a walk in the jungle with a guide and you’ll spot rare creatures such as Emerald Snails and Giant Hermit Crabs which are subjected to conservation.

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Virgin Island is a great place for people who wants to avoid the crowds. It is a first choice for people who are interested in exploring islands, discovering the sea and finding out more about ecology.

Virgin Island is currently close due to its official conservation policy but it will reopen in October 2016. If you are thinking of planning a family trip to the Virgin Islands, you should planning now! Virgin Island will definitely meet all your expectations for a perfect beach getaway!

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