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5 White Lies You Should Tell When Travelling Alone

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Exploring the unknown alone is an exceptional experience that every female has to experience in your lifetime. While it’s important to keep an open mind when travelling alone and meet new friends, don’t forget to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Much as we hate lying, there are times when you have to tell white lies to get yourself out of sticky situations or save a couple of dollars bargaining for a better deal. Read on for more tips!

1. “I’ve been here previously”

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Before riding a tuk tuk, make sure you ask about the price first. You cam also use Google Maps to check on the distance of your destination so you can negotiate with them the price before you board. Doing your homework beforehand and implying that you’re been a regular at the place prevents you from being overcharged! Tip: always ask for the starting meter rate as they can be quite pushy about making you pay more.

2. “Yes, I’ve a boyfriend”

When travelling alone, especially to a developing city, make sure that you are watchful of your surroundings. If needed, casually mention that your “boyfriend” will be around soon if someone asks you out to somewhere deemed unsafe such as the suburbs or a house party that you’re not comfortable with attending. Remember to do so in a tactful manner or it’ll seem like you’re cooking up a lie just to avoid them – which you are, but they don’t have to know!

If you’re still worried about drinking alone, consider pub crawling where you’ll be bar-hopping in groups with a professional party animal guide who will take care of you all night.

3. “The other store is selling it at a cheaper price”

We’re sure you’ve used the line “the other store is selling it cheaper” when bargaining for a better price at Bugis Street. Sellers usually give in after a while, especially on slower days and it’s the same logic shopping overseas! It is a great way to negotiate with the sales person. If it doesn’t work, try walking away and the shopkeepers may give in to you.

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4. “I love my job”


Okay, maybe you don’t have to go to the extreme of declaring how much you love working. It’s okay to mention your job to the new friends you made, but forget about saying anything negative or complaining about it. Walls have ears and your grumbles may just travel to your office!

5. “I have no plans for tomorrow yet”


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Don’t share your travel plans in detail especially when travelling alone. That spells trouble! To avoid stalkers and ensure your safety, keep information like your itinerary private and confidential. Some call it paranoia but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Keep these advices and tips in mind, they may come in handy one day!

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