8 Hidden Beaches Near Singapore for Your Weekend Getaways

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If you’re a beach person, there comes an inevitable time when you get sick of the limited beaches we have in Singapore. Unless you’re the boss of your own company, taking time off work anytime you want is virtually impossible. It’s finally time for you to stop being envious of the picturesque beaches in Australia your friends been posting photos of — KKday brings you 8 hidden beaches so near Singapore you can easily pack up and go over the weekends, even for the budget conscious.

1. Pantai Cenang, Langkawi, Malaysia

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A respite for workaholics, watching the clouds drift across Langkawi’s clear blue skies brings you a sense of tranquility, allowing you to forget your troubles back in Singapore. Although buzzing with water activities like snorkelling, the lack of sightseeing attractions surrounding its vicinity allows Pantai Cenang’s gorgeous beach to be left mostly untouched. The nightlife on this island also lives up to all expectations with affordable drinks sold at the beachfront bars and lounges.

2. Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Forget Phuket (way too mainstream for us!) — head to Krabi’s Railay Beach for a change. Isolated from mainland and accessible only by boat from Ao Nang, the tropical Thai beach has just as much to offer, but without the crowd. For the more adventurous, kayaking just won’t do. Have some of the best instructors in the world lead you on rock climbing trips suitable everyone from beginners to expert climbers!

3. Green Bowl Beach, Ungasan, Indonesia

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Named after its algae-covered rocks exposed at low tide, Green Bowl Beach was originally slated to be the next tourist destination before plans were halted, leaving the beach an abandoned paradise home to bat caves and known to little. This undiscovered gem is also known for being one of the world’s best surf spots — an ideal location for Singaporeans to experience the waves.

You’ll need to climb hundreds of steps before reaching the shores of Green Bowl Beach, making the journey seem daunting thus, putting off many tourists. However, with the lack of visitors, noob surfers like us don’t have to feel too embarrassed about struggling to stand!

With 18,307 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, it’ll take you years before you get tired of island-hopping in Indonesia. After taking your Instagram photos on Green Bowl Beach, go on a road trip with your clique to you can experience more of Indonesia. Water rafting, in particular, is popular among big groups of friends travelling to Bali — not only do you gain instant gratification upon reaching the finish line, this team-building activity strengthens your friendships.

4. Sunset Beach, Ko Lipe, Thailand

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Imagine a sky full of clouds giving way to a horizon painted salmon pink as the sun descents — that’s how every evening begins on Sunset Beach. Like the name suggests, Sunset Beach has glorious sunsets with spectacular views, giving any day the ultimate ending.

Recognised as one of the most romantic beaches, the crowd is minimal compared to nearby beaches like Pataya. If a relaxing getaway with your significant other (or even your pets) is what you need to get away from your busy city lives, this beach is The One.

5. Pulau Tiga, Sabah, Malaysia

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Formed only in 1897 when an earthquake caused a volcano eruption, Palau Tiga shot to fame as the first “secret” location for hit reality series, ‘Survivor’. With the lack of information available on the Internet about this resort, better known as Survivor Island, much of it is still undiscovered by tourists, making its pellucid water perfect for a dive.

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Escaping from the city’s hustle and bustle, you get to indulge in mud baths to improve your circulation, detox and take stress off your body. Remember when your mom scolded you for stepping in puddles of mud because it’s dirty? Now this mud bath’s a good retort!

6. Atuh Beach, Klungkang, Indonesia

Well hidden and situated far away from civilisation, you need to be in good physical health to get to Atuh Beach because a little hiking is needed. However, be prepared to be blown away by the gorgeous scenery that awaits you! Surrounded by rocky cliffs, clear turquoise sea and soft white sand curved in a banana shape, this is your dream destination when you’re feeling slightly atas — without a single soul in sight, this island is almost like your private paradise.

7. Pulau Aur, Johor, Malaysia

Located slightly off coast from the tourist-infested Pulau Tioman, Pulau Aur is known for having one of the clearest water in the world, making it perfect for diving and snorkelling. Other than discovering exotic corals and marine life, you may even spot whale sharks on your trips if lady luck’s on your side!

8. Carabao Island, San Jose, Philippines

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Sparkling, glistening sea and smooth, refine sand — this unassuming island is a quieter alternative to Boracay, perfect for city dwellers looking for a place to unwind. Unspoilt by tourists and away the hawking eyes of vendors, this is where you can luxuriate in the sight of picturesque horizons and relish in the rare times you can be without technology.

BONUS! Lazarus Island, Singapore

Closer to home, on our sunny island where a passport is not even needed, Lazarus Island has been increasingly gaining popularity amongst Singaporeans and it’s not difficult to see why — isolated from our bustling city-state, the beach offers a wonderful yet affordable escape for city dwellers with only an off day to spare.

Previously known to many as Singapore’s most untouched island, if you hurry, you may still have time to enjoy the white powdery sand on Lazarus Island before it gets polluted by tourists!

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  1. These beaches are really fantastic, they're inviting, and calling me! I can smell the sea breeze…I can hear the waves splashing on the shore, and I can't wait to walk in the sand once again…

  2. Beautiful places to spend weekend with my love one. It looks so peaceful and relaxing.