Possible Locations for Legendaries in Pokemon Go

If you haven’t already noticed, Pokemon Go has taken the mobile gaming world by storm! For all hopeful Pokemon trainers staying outside the regions of New Zealand, Australia, USA and Germany, we feel your pain. The official release date for Pokemon Go in Asia has yet to be confirmed but we can already hear you Pokemon trainers revving up your engines, thinking of possible places to catch em’ legendary Pokemon.

Depending on your location, you’ll run into different types of Pokemon. If you are walking by the river — Magikarp, picnicking on a huge patch of grass — Diglett, your room — Rattata. But one question — the most important of ’em all — remains: where are the legendary Pokemon?! We’re not professional Pokemon trainers, but we can come up with a list of places where you might possibly find legendaries!

1. Articuno, Melbourne

If you think you need to travel to places like the Arctic to catch ice bird Articuno, think again. Instead of the North or South Pole, travel to places like Melbourne that are experiencing winter right now to increase your chances of stumbling across Articuno.

Photo credit: Ski Cheap

Do you want to build a snowman? Ski at Australia’s most popular ski-resort at Mount Buller: take the cable car to sled down the snowy slope while taking in the panoramic view of the mountain. Just don’t forget to pray for good weather while you’re there hunting — Articuno can control the weather with just a flap of its wings!

2. Moltres, UAE

You might want to go somewhere hot when searching for this legendary fire bird. With its head, wings and tail made of flames, it’s easy to guess where it’ll be hiding. Think desert, salt plains or anywhere similar with very little rainfall.

Photo credit: Abudhabidesertchallenge

Go on a exhilarating 4×4 ride in the desert of Abu Dhabi, race up and down the sand dunes with your friends. Sand board your way down the dunes for a camel ride around the traditional Arabic camp where you get the opportunity to try henna painting, belly dancing, shisha and Arabic sweets and coffee significant to Bedouin culture.

3. Zapdos, Venezuela

No, we’re not encouraging you to make a trip to nearby power station or climb up any power lines. Since Zapdos resides in thunderclouds, try going places with plenty of lightning strikes for this legendary bird with the ability to control electricity. Somewhere like Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela? Perfect.

Photo credit: Caribflame

With 1.2million lightning strikes each year, Lake Maraicabo has earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest concentration of lightning! Instead of walking around that power station next to your home for Zapdos, make a trip down to Venezuela and see for yourself the power of nature.

4. Kyogre, Tioman Island

Photo credit: Cuti

Head over to Tioman Island to take a dive and you might find the Pokemon said to be the personification of the sea —Kyogre. Remember to get a waterproof casing for your phone before you start diving!

Photo credit: Awe365

Even if you can’t find a Kyogre during your dive, you won’t be disappointed with the extensive coral reefs teeming with a wide variety of tropical fish in all sizes. Go deeper into the waters to find over a dozen of peculiar wrecks and larger species of aquatic animals.

5. Mewtwo, Czech

Ah yes, the first legendary Pokemon and ever-so-classic. Even non-Pokemon fans know the existence of this mysterious Pokemon created by scientists through genetic manipulation. Mewtwo is said to be resting in a dark cave somewhere, just like in the first gen games. The only logical places to look for this psychic Pokemon would be caves or underground where’s its dark and mysterious. Just be careful though, Mewtwo has unusually high base offensive stats!

Photo credit: Guidego

Visit Cave Vypustek in Czech Republic on your hunt for Mewtwo and learn a thing or two about the top secret command post set up in the cave during the 1960s.

Photo credit: Wikimapia

Damaged by the German and Czechoslovakian army during the 20th century, Cave Vypustek is a large and unique underground complex of caverns used by the German army as an underground factory, then an atomic bomb shelter and secret command post by the Czechoslovakian army during WWII.

Please do take notice of your surroundings when playing Pokemon Go. Never Pokemon Go and drive at the same time, that applies to walking as well. Now go and catch ’em all, you Pokemon Masters!