5 Little Known Secrets About Taoyuan International Airport

You’d think that with Changi Airport, the world’s best airport for four years in a row, Singaporeans are no longer impressed by the other airports around the world. Awards aside, when it seems like all the other airports pale in comparison, these 5 little known amenities of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) discovered by KKday can make your Taipei stopover a comfortable one. (Photo: juor2)

1. Free VIP Lounges

Check-in counter in Taoyuan International Airport (McGyver.Chang)

Frequent travellers, rejoice — Taoyuan International Airport will have the world’s first free VIP room. Yes, the VIP room is opened even for us mere economy class passengers compared to the other airports in the world with VIP rooms that only cater to business class and first class passengers. All passengers in Taoyuan International Airport will have access to resting pods, charging stations, wifi, shower and other equipments, aiming to provide travellers a place to loosen up before the next flight.

2. Free 24 hour showers

Shower facilities in Taoyuan International Airport (Taoyuan International Airport)

Passengers can now enjoy a free shower any time at all in Taoyuan International Airport, even at ungodly timings like 4am! Don’t waste this good opportunity to freshen up — the shower rooms are available in toilets located at the first floor of the arrival hall in Terminal 2, the first floor of the arrival hall in Terminal 1, and the second floor of the departure hall in Terminal 4.

3. Free Massage Chairs

Massage chairs in Taoyuan International Airport (Cameron Yee)

Did somebody say FREE? These free massage chairs are the best deals in the entire Taoyuan International Airport! For a relaxing massage during your transit, just proceed to the counter near Galleria to request for a token. You can find the massage chairs near D2 boarding gate and C9 boarding gate. With facilities like this, no wonder Taoyuan International Airport was listed as one of the ten best airports in the world to catch a wink in 2015.

4. Free small movie theatre area

Although not frequently raved about, this movie theatre is an underrated area for you to destress and rest before your next trip if you aren’t interested shopping Taiwan’s duty-free stores.

5. Prayer rooms for all religions

Prayer rooms in Taoyuan International Airport (Cameron Yee)

Religious passengers who wish to pray for a safe journey before flying off, no problem at all — Taoyuan International Airport provides prayer rooms to guests of all religions, ensuring a cosy environment for different faiths.

Don’t fret over how to kill time in Taoyuan International Airport — besides duty-free shopping, there are so many things to distract you while you wait for your next flight. Now, you just need to remember your departure time!

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