10 Things You Must Eat in Penghu

How can you not eat fresh seafood when you’re in Penghu? Famous for its beaches, you can catch a glimpse of newly-harvested seafood, ranging from oysters to fishes, in almost every stall. Pair that with a bowl of shaved ice (similar to our beloved ice kachang, but slightly more atas) in the summer heat and you have the perfect meal. Skip the 7-11 convenience stores when you’re exhausting yourself with exploring the island, KKday shows you 10 things you must eat in Penghu. (Photo: billy1125)

1. Cactus Slushie

Cactus slushie (紫色餘分)


Eh, cactus? How do the creative Taiwanese turn a prickly plant into this cactus slushie we grew to love, especially during summer? Even though Penghu is surrounded by the seas, it has limited water for drinking, allowing drought tolerant plants like cacti to thrive this island.

Top view of Cactus Slushie (Bunkichi Chang)

Forced to be innovative with their limited resources, inhabitants of Penghu came up with cactus slushie. Don’t be turn off by how brightly coloured this drink is! No food colouring was added to the making of this delightful beverage — as the fruits of cacti are red, the slushie is naturally this colour as well. We promise it won’t prick you!

2. Marine Ranching

Grilling fresh oysters

Surrounded by sea, it makes sense that Penghu‘s main source of livelihood comes from aquatic life. As fishing is time-consuming and sometimes dangerous, residents of Penghu started marine ranching as a means to breed marine life in an enclosed area for food.

Experience a buffet full of fresh oysters every turn you make or even better, join the locals on their marine ranch in Penghu!

3. Chicken Cutlet

Chicken cutlet stall along the streets of Penghu

Let’s be real here, Taiwan is becoming synonymous with fried chicken so how can you even think of leaving Penghu without first savouring their chicken cutlet?

Fried chicken cutlet (Gene Wang)

Highly raved by Penghu residents, San Ge Fragrant Chicken Cutlet (三哥香鸡扒) uses only the freshest chicken marinated in a secret recipe. Try keeping your mouth from watering as the aroma of the fried chicken hits you — we dare you.

4. Sha Ai Zhuang Coffee Shop (傻爱庄餐厅)

Sha Ai Zhuang Coffee Shop (Nick Sheu)

Serving local dishes with a twist, Sha Ai Zhuang Coffee Shop (傻爱庄餐厅) was formerly home to Penghu‘s first democratic Mayor, although you won’t be able to tell so when its interior is filled with distinctive design features by its current owner.

Address: No. 14, Xinsheng Rd, Magong City, Penghu County, Taiwan 880
Operating hours: 10am to 12am

5. Shaved Ice Grass Jelly

Shaved ice grass jelly

Ugh, summer. Shaved ice grass jelly is one of the desserts you must have on your hands to combat the heat! Cooling yet affordable, this bowl of grass jelly topped with condense milk and generous servings of ingredients is all you need to keep you refreshed for your next activity in Penghu.

6. Ah Hua Spare Ribs Noodle (阿华排骨面)

Ah Hua Spare Ribs Noodle (Wei-Te Wong)

Even though some people find the shop a little run down, we actually prefer it this way — don’t say we didn’t warn you about the oncoming waves of nostalgia that hit you as you walk through the doors of Ah Hua Spare Ribs Noodle (阿华排骨面). Recommended by the locals, the spare ribs glides down your throat effortless and the broth is memorable, to say the least. Slurp.

Address: No. 65, Ren’ai Rd, Magong City, Penghu County, Taiwan 880
Operating hours: 5:30pm to 12am

7. Chinese Almond Tea

Chinese almond tea with dough fritter (Francis)

Anyone remembers how JJ Lin introduced us the perfect match of soy milk and dough sticks through his aptly named song, 豆浆油条 (dòu jiang yóu tiáo)? Forget everything you know — youtiao is now best matched with Chinese almond tea! A combination not commonly found in Singapore, remember to soak up your youtiao in that almond tea or you might not get the chance to do it again back home.

8. Seafood

Seafood pasta (挪威 企鵝)

Err… You don’t say? With the huge variety of seafood they have, even if you eat seafood everyday of your holiday in Penghu, you’ll still be discovering new cuisine at the end of your trip.

Finely cooked fresh prawns (挪威 企鵝)

If you’re an early riser, you can take a look at Penghu’s fish market from 6 to 7am to experience authentic fish trading. But who says only the early bird catches the worm? For those who just want to use this time off to sleep in, you can go for a night fishing experience in Penghu instead.

9. Brown Sugar Cake

Brown sugar cake (Wikmedia Commons)

Leaving Penghu with bags of souvenirs for your family and friends is absolutely unnecessary when there’s an abundance of soft and fluffy brown sugar cake all around the island. Don’t be fooled by it’s name — the sweetness of the brown sugar cakes is anything but overbearing.

10. Brunch+Backpacker (小岛家)


Like other parts of Taiwan, Penghu boasts a variety of cafes, second-hand bookstores and art spaces. If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, this is your dream vacation! Sit back and enjoy your breakfast at a leisurely pace while stray (but tame) dogs greet you good morning.

if you only have time for one, KKday‘s favourite brunch cafe has got to be Brunch+Backpacker (小岛家) for its unique mixed of western and oriental breakfast.

Address: No. 8, Zhongshan Rd, Magong City, Penghu County, Taiwan 880
Operating hours: 9am to 4pm

Do you hear your stomach growing and craving for food in Penghu already? Don’t let your dreams be dreams, start packing today! If you’re a lazy planner, you should hop on a one day tour around Penghu island to make your life easy.

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