Everything You Need to Know About Having A Whaley Fun Time in Taiwan

It’s exciting to see these huge marine creatures performing tricks and stunts in marine parks, but nothing beats watching them with your own eyes in their natural habitat, especially when you’re not sure when will they appear! Take a boat out in to the deep waters to catch sightings of dolphins and whales breaking the surface of the water for an over-whale-ming good time. KKday gives you some tips on how you can shorely have a whale of a time whale-watching in Taiwan!

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There’s no secret to catching these marine creatures, you just have to visit at the right time. Whales and dolphins are frequently spotted every year during April to October, making this the best time for a trip to Taiwan.

To top it off, temperatures and weather during this period is also considered to be the most optimum for tourists because it is neither too hot nor too cold. Visit during the summer (June to August) to enjoy an array of summer activities, or during autumn (September to November) when the cooling but sunny weather is perfect for almost anything.

What’s there to do in Taiwan you say? Cut through the skies of Hualien as you paraglide through the entire East Rift Valley with the wind gently caressing your face, or go prawning the Taiwan way — helmets with detector lights while holding on to shrimp catching tools and scouring your way in the stream.

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Here at KKday, we’ve always wondered why these dolphins are frequently seen jumping out of the water. Isn’t it tiring to always leap out of the water just to say hi to us?

Truth is, dolphins jump out of the water not for the fun of it. You know how the phrase “to get a bird’s eye view”? Same goes for dolphins — jumping out of the water gives them a bird’s eye view of what is going on in the water, allowing them to locate food easier while removing the parasites that accumulated on their bodies.

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If you’re going to catch some serious whale and dolphin action, head over to Hualien. With over 20 species of dolphins including Risso’s dolphins and spinner dolphins, and whales like sperm whales and peck whales, Hualien is the prime spot for whale or dolphin watching with 95% chance of catching them live in action!

Say hello to whales and dolphins in Hualien.

More Than Just Whale Watching

You travelled all the way to Taiwan, we’re pretty sure you won’t want to spend your whole holiday solely on whale watching, right?

Turtle Island

At Guishan Island, also known as Turtle Island, you get to see more than just whales and dolphins. Explore the island and familiarise yourself with the diverse floral and fauna available, climb to the highest peak of the island for an unrivalled view of the islet or take a quiet and peaceful stroll around it.

Here’s the best part: Turtle Island is home to Taiwan‘s one and only active volcano. Now picture yourself whale/dolphin watching with your back against an active volcano — that’s the best adventure you can get in Taiwan.

“But I have motion sickness…” Fear not my friends, never let a small worry deter you from something of greatness. A night before whale watching, take some food with ginger like ginger tea or if you’re macho enough, eat the entire ginger and you’re good to go enjoy a whaling good time in Taiwan!