6 Thrilling Activities To Do In Bangkok For The Adrenaline Junkies

Ahhh, Bangkok, the Land of Smiles, where foodies cheer and shoppers frolic. With a plethora of activities and experiences to offer, Bangkok is a city of endless entertainment to explore. If you’re looking to deviate from the typical shopping itinerary in Bangkok, KKday has got your back. From shark diving to rifle shooting, valiant travellers are about to win some serious bragging rights with these 6 thrilling activities in Bangkok. (Photo: Igor Ovsyannykov/Unsplash)

1. Flight of the Gibbon – Jungle Zip Line

Flight of the Gibbon is located in Khao Kheow Open Safari Park
Flight of the Gibbon in Bangkok (Ann p)

Swing through the treetops of Chonburi with Asia’s longest single zip line, Flight of the Gibbon. An adventure of forest walks, suspension bridges and zip lines in the heart of Khao Kheow Open Safari Park, Flight of the Gibbon is an affair every nature enthusiasts will appreciate. Operated and supervised wholly by experts, there’s no need to worry you’ll end up as a wolf’s child. Just sit tight, and enjoy the wind whipping against your skin.

2. Dive with Sharks

Shark-diving is a once in a lifetime experience
Shark-diving in Bangkok (Shark Dive)

Bangkok takes scuba-diving to extremes. Adrenaline junkies can get your dose of adrenaline rush with a once-in-a-lifetime experience to dive with sharks in Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World, situated two storeys under Siam Paragon Mall.

Admire and revel in the beauty of the sharks in their aquarium in Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World
Revel in the majestic beauty of sharks (Shark Dive)

Delve into the aquarium and admire these majestic predators upfront as other park-goers gape at you from the outside. For beginners with zero diving experience, there’s no need to fret about becoming the sharks’ lunch — certified divers are always there to make sure you don’t wear out your welcome.

>> Admire exotic marine life at Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World with KKday.

3. Formula Car Racing

The Taki racing cars can reach speeds of up to 200kph
Formula car racing in Bangkok (Taki Racing)

Fulfil your dreams of becoming a Formula One racer with Taki Racing. Offering Taki cars that can reach speeds of over 200kph, Taki Racing provides visitors the closest experience they can get to driving an actual Formula One car.

Formula Car Racing is a dangerous yet thrilling sport
Go formula car racing in a Taki car (Taki Racing)

However, driving these cars can pose quite a challenge as Taki race cars are designed for breakneck speeds, and are different from the usual street cars; a wrong swerve on the steering wheel could land you in an ambulance instead. Made for the daredevils, Taki race cars are available alongside optional driving lessons from Taki Racing.

4. Go Kart

Easy Kart caters to drivers of all ages
Go-Karting in Bangkok (Easy Kart)

If Formula One racing isn’t quite your cup of tea, how about adding an element of fun to your holidays with a round of Go-Kart? Rumble along the tracks and race for the fastest timings with your friends, an experience available till midnight at Easy Kart. The indoor track is situated in RCA Plaza, and Easy Kart caters to drivers of all ages, starting from as young as 7 years old.

5. Rifle Range Shooting

Bangkok Shooting Range offers visitors a firsthand experience with firearms
Bangkok Shooting Range (Trip Advisor)

It’s illegal to possess a gun of any sorts in Singapore, so KKday was thrilled to find out that Bangkok offers rifle shooting. Starting from 2,800 baht (~SGD $115) — prices vary depending on your choice pistols — Bangkok Shooting Range provides visitors an opportunity to put their L4D2 gun firing skills to the test. With seven different types of firearms, we bet Bangkok Shooting Range is gonna be able to feed your adrenaline hunger.

6. Bungee Jumping in Pattaya

Bungee jumping is a must-do for thrill seekers
Bungee jumping in Bangkok (Helena Jinx)


We save the best for the last. An exhilarating activity unsuited for the fainthearted, bungee jumping is a mandatory item to check off the bucket list for every adrenaline junkies. Dubbed as Thailand’s highest bungee jump, Pattaya Bungy Jump offers visitors a 60-metre jump with strict safety standards. There’s honestly no better way to leap away from your fears and feel the adrenaline surge through your veins.

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