8 Unique Places to Stay in Bangkok

Because of the low prices and endless attractions, Bangkok is a go-to place for travellers with all sorts of budget ranges. Maybe it’s your first time in Bangkok, or you’ve been here a couple of times and want to do something new (READ: 3 Things to Do in Bangkok Other Than Shopping and Eating). Since there’s little more wiggle room in your wallet in a city like Bangkok, make the most of your trip by staying in any of these one-of-a-kind hostels. They’ll be sure to add a pop of colour to your Instagram feed!

1. The House of Phraya Jasaen

Most first-time travellers like to play safe and stay along Sukhumvit Road, but if you’d really like to explore authentic Bangkok, book a place like The House of Phraya Jasaen that sits right by BTS Saphan Taksin. The historic area has changed very little since the 1960s and maintains its quaint character and energy.

The House of Phraya Jasaen may be a new addition to the area, it was built by combining seven antique shophouses. Interior designer and co-owner Jatya Wongpaiboon paid particular care to ensure that the authenticity and integrity of the shophouses would remain intact, but would still be in-keeping with modern Thai tastes.

The result? A vibrant mix of modern and retro within a four-story building that houses 32 guest rooms.

Bedroom (image via phrayajasaen)

The hotel has around 14 unique different room styles, that swing from cool, modern, and hipster, to warm, rustic, and homey. Much of the furniture and decor was collected from families who once occupied and ran the shophouses.

(image via
Dorm room (image via

Apart from the bedrooms, The House of Phraya Jaesen is also houses its own massage parlor. Guests have the option of staying in the barber shop chairs or the massage beds by the huge elephant. Local belief holds that passing through the elephant’s legs will bring you good luck!

2. POD Hostel Cafe Designshop

While the idea pod-style bunking can seem claustrophobic to some people, others think it gives them the most affordable option for some much needed privacy. POD Hostel Cafe Designshop’s pods are cozy and comfortable and not at all suffocating, but also comes equipped with full bedrooms for couples and families.

Pod-style bunking (image via

The entire hostel exudes and young and energetic vibe, with its cool and innovative designs. As the name suggests, POD Hostel Cafe Designshop also houses a great cafe decorated with fixed gear bikes hanging on the walls. They also have computer stations if you need to catch up on work and a bunch of soft couches for chilling and lazing around.

3. J No. 14 Hotel

Science nerds and nature geeks will love the J No. 14 Hotel, which looks like it came straight out of a National Geographic documentary. The hotel, which was originally an old warehouse, is littered with exotic plants and science experiments in every nook and cranny.

(image via Piamphon Champian)

One of the main attractions of the hostel is the botanical garden.

Apart from the science experiments, J No. 14 Hotel also houses a wide array of antiques such as a wooden piano, typewriters, and Britanica Encyclopedia’s—which is probably where the owner got his inspiration.

(image via Piamphon Chanpiam)
(image via Piamphon Chanpiam)

4. Chao Hostel

Millennial restlessness is a real thing, which means even your lodging can’t be drab and boring. Chao Hostel knows this and has tailored its rooms and common areas to fan the wanderlust inside of you.

The hostel is designed for groups to meet and converse. Perfect if you’re travelling not just to see interesting places, but to meet interesting people! Even introverts will feel like striking up a conversation with the other guests.

5. Room @ Bangkok

If you want to go for something on the more toned down and elegant without breaking bank, Room @ Bangkok offers minimalist but distinctive themed-rooms. Room @ Bangkok sits right by some of the trendiest neighborhoods and has easy access to the city and shopping centres.

Cafe and Lobby (image via
Bedroom (image via

The hostel is just 5 minutes away from Asoke BTS station and close to the famous Terminal 21 shopping mall. Come back here to unwind after a day of exploring the city.

Bedroom (image via

6. Beat Hotel by Hi-Residence

Bangkok is an urban hotbed of up-and-coming creatives and artists, and Beat Hotel by Hi-Residence wants to celebrate this by splattering your walls with their best works.

They regularly play host to art events and competitions, and features profiles by prominent artists such as Lolay and Tomyork. The hotel has its own art gallery and artist space that will inspire even the most uncreative to paint something.

The hotel is located near the Phra Khanong BTS station, in the bustling and creative W District where you’re sure to find a circle of young artists just like yourself.

7. Playhaus Thonglor Hotel

Theater fans too will get a real kick out of staying at this hotel. Thailand may be a longway from Sunset Boulevard and Broadway Street, but guests will still feel star-studded. Each floor has a different-themed room: The Romeo and Juliet Room, the Aladdin Room, and the Mary Poppins Room.

Romeo and Juliet Room (image via
The Aladdin Room (image via

Sip your scotch in style with backstage mirrors outlined with light bulbs. The Backstage Cocktails Bar has seasoned bartenders showcase special seasonal cocktails and mocktails, or pick a wine from their diverse and superb menu.

Backstage Cocktails Bar (image via
Backstage Cocktails Bar (image via
Hotel Interior (image via

8. Oneday Hostel

Maybe you don’t need much for your hostel, and just want something that offers a little more than the bare minimum. Oneday Hostel offers many options for single travellers looking for privacy, or groups of backpackers looking for a good dorm to bunk.

Oneday Hostel Bedroom
Oneday Hostel Bedroom
Oneday Hostel Beroom (image via

With their excellent housekeeping and customer service, those sketchy health-hazard hostels that backpackers are all too familliar with a thing of the past.

Communal bathroom (image via
Common Room (image via
Common and working space (image via

One Day’s spartan but comfortable amenities and close proximity to the different airports, train stations, and bus terminals have also made it a quick getaway for city-dwellers. Or for professionals just looking for a change of scene, the hostel comes fully equipped with a functional working space.

The hostel also offers many opportunities for travellers to meet new people with group classes and activities such as storytelling and yoga.

Book your stay at Oneday Hostel: here.

Yoga Class (image via onedaypauseandforward)

Escape from the urban grind and squeeze in an adventure right from the comforts of your own bed. These hostels will make a staycation fun and exciting!

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