Free Admission to 9 Japanese Towers with JCB

If you’re trying to save money on your next trip, other than staying on top of the exchange rates, constantly refreshing ticket prices online, or checking KKday for the latest itineraries on offer, is there anything else we can do? Well, your own credit can also be of use sometimes too. If you’ve got a JCB card and you’re heading to Japan, we have a nice surprise for you. Just flash your JCB card at any of the following 9 Japanese towers to get free entry! Offer valid until June 30th 2017 and includes free admission to Tokyo Tower and eight other sky-high giants.

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#1 Cross Land Tower


#2 Tojinbo Tower

Sakai City Sightseeing Guidance

  #3 Tokyo Tower

That’s right! Even Tokyo Tower offers free entrance to JCB card holders. In fact, Tokyo Tower was the first to strike a deal with JCB, and the partnership’s success paved the way for other towers in Japan to follow in their footsteps. At Tokyo Tower, free admission is for the Main Observatory (150m) level only. To access the Special Observatory (250m) an extra fee is required.

#4 Yokohama Marine Tower

Flickr | Oimatsu

#5 Chiba Port Tower

Flickr | TANAKA Juuyoh

#6 Nagoya TV Tower

Flickr | Takahiro YANO

#7 Kyoto Tower

#8 Kaikyo Yume Tower


#9 Beppu Tower


Wherever your trip to Japan takes you, check to see if you’ll cross paths with any of these towers for a free activity! Also be sure to check out the latest itineraries at KKday. Lastly, check your credit card’s benefits and special offers on a regular basis, as these change every year or sometimes every season.