7 Useful Airport Apps to Make Your Flight More Bearable

7 Useful Airport Apps to Make Your Flight More Bearable

Traveling is fun and exciting, but the actual process of getting to your destination can be a downright pain. Bad weather, long lines, delayed flights, airplane food can all put a damper on your vacation high. Make your time at the airport a lot more bearable—even enjoyable—with these 7 useful airport apps.

7 Useful Airport Apps to Make Your Flight More Bearable
7 Useful Airport Apps to Make Your Flight More Bearable

Mobile Passport

Free| Available on iOS and Android

Skip the lines at Customs and Border Protection at US airports with this airport app. Mobile Passport, officially authorized by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) lets you save time by answering CBP’s questions ahead of time. Once they receive your information, you can head directly to the ‘Mobile Passport Control’ express lane.


My TSA Guide

Available on iOS and Android

Here’s everything you need to know about getting through security, all in one convenient airport app. My TSA Guide breaks down FAQs on what you can, and cannot bring in your checked and carry-on baggage, ID requirements, and other insider tips on what to wear. This airport app also gives you estimated waiting times at security checkpoints.


Airport Transit Guide

$4.99| Available on iOS and Android

Salk International’s acclaimed book teaches you how to ‘Travel Like a Local’. Use the app version to determine the quickest and cheapest way to get around the city from the airport. The app covers over 460 airports worldwide and churns out data on transport options available (from taxis and buses, to private car rentals and even helicopters!). Get estimated fare prices, as well as  local commuter tips. While you have to pay for this app, its wealth of information and handy tips can actually save you a lot money.


Lounge Buddy

Free | Available only on iOS

Make waiting around in the airport more tolerable with this airport travel app. Lounge Buddy cues you in on all the nearby airport lounges you can access, whether you’re an elite member with an airline or not. Post photos and reviews to help out  future travelers waiting out their delayed flight.


Gate Guru

Free | Available on iOS and Android

Save yourself a Google with this TripAdvisor brain child. Gate Guru lets you check out everything about your airport from the wait times at security checkpoints, weather forecasts, and in-airport restaurant reviews.



Free | Available on iOS and Android

Hungry but in a rush? This airport app makes sure you don’t board that 16-hour flight without something to eat. Grab lets you pre-order and pay for food from airport restaurant establishments. It covers over 80 airports and 300 brands in 2,000 locations. Brands included are Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, TGI Fridays, Subway, and a lot more. Grab yourself a nice lunch and coffee after that agonizing security check.




If you’ve got limited phone memory, then you just need to download FLIO. This top-rated app allows you to make the entire airport experience not just bearable, but downright enjoyable. Track your flight in real time, navigate through foreign airport terminals, and gain exclusive discounts! Users can book discounted lounge access,  food and drinks, and even transportation to the hotel.