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Theme Park Trick or Treat: Asia’s Scariest Halloween Festivals!

Halloween 2017: Everland Theme Park

This Halloween, we’re all about the thrills and the chills. Here’s a rundown of this year’s horrorfests at our favorite theme park and their most spooktacular attractions!

Universal Studios Japan: Halloween Horror Night

Halloween 2017: Universal Studios Japan
[/media-credit] Halloween 2017: Universal Studios Japan

USJ’s Halloween Horror Night is so intense, they’ve labelled the Horror Levels for each attraction. Each one has its own rules, tricks, and scary surprises For more details, you can check out their official website.

Cult of Chucky: Chucky’s Hospital Ward of Madness (Horror Level 5)

There’s no time for child’s play at the Ward of Madness. You won’t be feeling any better after this trip to the doctor. Chucky is back with a vengance, ready to slice his patients wide open!

The Exorcist: The Devil’s Manor (Horror Level 5)

As a young girl is transformed by a demonic possession, the entire mansion begins to permeate a menacing atmosphere. Enter a world the whole new world of terror filled with shocking sights that will chill you to the bones. It’s up to you to save the girl from the Devil’s grip. But the question lies: is your soul strong enough to escape possession yourself?

Trauma 3: Endless Despair (Horror Level 10)

Do you think you’re brave enough to endure USJ’s scariest attraction to date? At Horror Level 10, Trauma 3: Endless Despair is not for the faint of heart. Step into a ghastly maze where you’ll encounter twisted human experiments, strange creatures hell-bent on keeping you trapped inside. And a special note: visitors interested in this attraction must submit a signed agreement consenting to its content.


Universal Studios Singapore: Halloween Horror Nights 7 Deadlier Sins

Halloween 2017: Hong Kong Ocean Park
[/media-credit] Halloween 2017: Universal Studios Singapore

On its 7th year, Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights is back and bring to life 7 Deadly Sins. With 5 haunted houses, 2 scare zones, and 2 killer shows, you may find yourself submitting to the dark side before the night is over.

Scare Zone: Pilgrimage of Sin

To save yourselves from the gates of hell, you’ll have to earn your absolution. But temptation is all around, ready to pull you back in. You’ll be pleading for mercy all throughout this deadly journey to salvation.

Haunted House: Death Mall

This haunted house hits close to home by taking one of the favorite local hobbies and poisoning it with violent ghosts and sneaky traps.

Zombie Laser Tag

Are you daring enough to face your fears and fight them? Prove that you can survive a Zombie Apocalypse as you and your team follow clues, complete your quest, and battle brain-eating zombies.

Be sure to catch other death-defying attractions like the Slice of Life show, where K-Pop takes a twisted turn. Get your heart racing  at the Salem With House, and lose yourself in The Games of Jigsaw and other terrifying mazes. Find out more over here.


Hong Kong Ocean Park: Halloween Fest 2017

Halloween 2017: Hong Kong Ocean Park
Halloween 2017: Hong Kong Ocean Park (image via Ladkwodks)

See your greatest fears come to life!

Secret Haunted House: Phobia 17

It starts off with an innocent house party, but all is not as it seems. Each room brings your darkest, most sinister fears to life in a maddening display that can drive you insane.


Time is running out and you’ve got to face your fears and make the right choices in this twisted escape fantasy. Fight the harrowing screams that echo everywhere as you come up with an escape plan—who knows, you may be the first to make it out alive.

Kowloon Ghost City

The legendary walled city is filled with haunting ghost stories that come to life this halloween. Walk amongst violent criminals and undead gangs, duck out of a quack doctor’s appointment (known to turn his patients demonic experiments), and make a deal with a devil at the abandoned gambling ring.

Need to catch your breath? This year, Ocean Park Hong Kong has got lots of fun and spooky shows for the whole family to enjoy! Catch the Down to Hell and see the cast perform death-defying stunts and acrobatics, three-floors above the ground. Or see Candy Elf Dance where pumpkin elves dance and give out candy to the kids! Check out their official website for more details.


Seoul Everland

Halloween 2017: Everland Theme Park
Halloween 2017: Everland Theme Park (image via Everland Theme Park)

Blood City: Endless Horror

Korea’s largest and wildest theme park is transforming itself into a horror land this Halloween. There’s a zombie outbreak infecting the whole park, and it’s found its way into Everland’s signature rides. Take a spookified T-Express ride, or explore the Horror Safari. And at night? Catch even more scary attractions, creeping virtual reality experiences, and a fun parade on Boo Street even kids will enjoy.


Hong Kong Disneyland

What happens to the happiest place on earth when the villains take over?

Halloween 2017: Hong Kong Disneyland
Halloween 2017: Hong Kong Disneyland (image via Lotus Wosheang)

Maze of Madness: The Nightmare Experiment Continues

This immersive, walk-through attraction lets you see the dark side of Disney stories. From the Mad Hatter’s Shoppe in Alice in Wonderland, the Scare Floor from Monsters, Inc., and all sorts of villainous headquarters, you’ll realize that not everything ends in happily-ever-after.

Other spooky but fun sights and attractions include Mickey’s Halloween Time Street Party, a cool dance party where you get to see the classic Disney crew in costumes. At night, it’s the villains’ turn with Villains Night Out! Chapter 2! As they parade around the streets. An be sure the head to the all-day Trick-or-Treat Booths for another Halloween favorite: candy!


For more details about Hong Kong Disneyland’s latest attractions, visit here.


Tokyo Disneyland

Halloween 2017: Seoul Lotte World
[/media-credit] Halloween 2017: Tokyo Disneyland

Who says Halloween isn’t a family event? Catch Tokyo Disneyland’s spooktacular “Halloween Pop’n LIVE” parade where Mickey, Goofy, and the rest of the gang sing and dance on top of incredible Halloween floats. At Tokyo DisneySea, it’s the villain’s time to shine as they have their own wild parade! For more info about the rides and attractions, visit the official website.


Seoul Lotte World

Horror Halloween 2

Halloween 2017: Seoul Lotte World
Halloween 2017: Seoul Lotte World (image via Seoul Lotte World)

Lotte World’s Horror Halloween is bringing your worst nightmares to frightening new heights with their virtual reality attractions. All their star attractions have gotten a terrifying Halloween makeover and zombies are roaming the streets.


Singapore SEA Aquarium

Halloween 2017: SEA Aquarium Singapore (image via SEA Aquarium Singapore)

At Singapore’s best underwater attraction, their costumed-crew will tell you all about the dangerous facts about pollution and the marine environment. See the Sea Witch and Captain Spooks educate you about all the the fascinating life underwater, and that maybe it’s not as scary as it may seem.



Are you ready to face your fears? Keep reading our blog and lookout for more exciting Halloween tours and activities!