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Korea Travel Essentials: Getting Around with the T-Money Card!

Korea Travel Essentials: T-Money Card

We’ve written a lot about South Korea—its sophisticated cities, intriguing cultural and historical sites, and spectacular natural attractions. And we know from experience that no time in this charming country will ever be enough.

When you’ve got an exciting bucket list with an itinerary planned by the minute, the last thing you want is to waste time in transit. That’s why KKday’s team of expert travelers knows that the fastest way to get around is through Korea’s world-class public transportation system using the T-money Card.

What is the T-Money Card?

Korea Travel Essentials: T-Money Card
Korea Travel Essentials: T-Money Card

The T-money card is a reloadable transportation card you can use with Korea’s subways, public buses, and taxis. The card, available to both locals and foreign tourists, is designed to save travelers the hassle of buying multiple single journey tickets for every ride.

Purchasing and Loading

The T-money Card is readily available to foreign travelers. KKday has partnered with the T-money company to provide you with a special KKday T-money Card, that gives you access to exclusive discounts and freebies for your trip—but more on that later. You can order your T-money Card online through us, and we’ll have it delivered to your doorstep within a few days.

Korea Travel Essentials: KKday T-Money Card
The exclusive KKday T-Money Card has all the functionality of a regular T-money card.
Korea Travel Essentials KKday T-Money Card
Show your special KKday T-money Card to our partners and get exclusive offers!

Once you’ve landed in Korea, loading the card is quick and easy. Within every subway station, there are ticket vending machines that flash instructions in English. Select the button with the T-money logo and deposit at least 500 KRW for your initial load.


T-Money Loading Station
You can load up your T-Money Card up to 500,000 KRW.

You can also load up at newsstands near the bus stops, or retail convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Ministop that display the T-money sign.

The T-money Card can hold up to 500, 000 KRW in load. If your card has a remaining balance of 20,000 KRW, you can take it to any loading station and receive a refund (following a 500 KRW service fee). But since the card doesn’t expire, and the load is valid for up to 5 years, you can just save it for your next trip to Korea!

Getting Around

The T-money Card is widely accepted in all of South Korea’s major city subways, bus lines, and taxis. This means you can get to and around Seoul, Busan, Gangwon, Jeju, and other amazing places with just a tap-and-go. For more detailed routes, check out the official Korea Tourism website here

T-Money Card: Seoul Subway Line
A map of Seoul’s subway system. You can access all train lines with the T-Money card.

Apart from convenience, the T-money Card is perfect for budget travelers. Each train and bus ride with your card comes out 100 KRW cheaper compared to buying single journey tickets with cash. Travelers also get to enjoy up to 4 free transfers a day, when switching between train lines and bus lines within 30 minutes.

Special Offers

KKday and T-money partnered together to make sure you have an unforgettable time in Korea. Here are a few things you should definitely try out!

Take a ride in Korea’s best theme parks where you can:

KKday T-Money Promo: Theme Parks
You can get special offers at some of Korea’s wildest theme parks when you present your KKday T-Money Card

Or sit back and enjoy the show: Catch all sorts of fun, larger-than-life performances.

KKday T-Money Promo: Shows and Performances
See some of Korea’s best live performances!

Traveling can get tiring, so be sure to pamper yourself at our partner spas: Cheong Kwanjang Spa, Whoo Spa, and Aromind. And make sure you don’t leave Korea without exploring the charming Gangwon Province and trying on a traditional Hanbok!

Each tour and attraction is easily accessible by train or bus, and with the special KKday T-Money Card, you can avail of exciting freebies and discounts!