Our Favorite Milk Tea Places in Taiwan

Milk tea first started becoming popular a few years back. Its sweet, syrupy take on the normally bitter drink quickly made it a favorite midday pick-me-up. Nowadays, you can find milk tea shops everywhere serving all kinds of varieties and flavors. Milk tea was born, raised, and perfected in Taiwan, and is definitely something you should look for when you’re in the country (READ: Ultimate Guide to Taiwan: Pre-Departure) Here’s a run down of some of our favorites!

Chun Shui Tang

Milk Tea in Taiwan: Chung Shui Tang
Milk Tea in Taiwan: Chung Shui Tang (image via ayustesty)

Chun Shui Tang is the OG of milk tea, and what started the craze.
Must Try: Classic Pearl Milk Tea

Tea Patea

Milk Tea in Taiwan: Tea Patea
Milk Tea in Taiwan: Tea Patea (image via Connie)

Tea Patea is a younger milk tea brand compared to the others. The story is that Tea Patea was founded by a former apprentice of Chun Shui Tang. This brand boasts of much more affordable prices
Must Try: Tieguanyin Tea Latte

85°C Bakery Cafe

Milk Tea in Taiwan: 85 C Bakery and Cafe
Milk Tea in Taiwan: 85°C Bakery Cafe (image via sstrieu)

85°C Bakery Cafe is often called the ‘Starbucks of Taiwan.’ And while the shop is known for serving coffee (especially their Sea Salt Coffee, which you should also try!), they have a pretty goo menu of milk tea drinks as well.
Must Try: Iced Rose Milk Tea


Milk Tea in Taiwan: Presotea Milk Tea
Milk Tea in Taiwan: Presotea (image via Connie)

The name comes from the fact that Presotea uses an expresso-type machine for their drinks. They claim that their method keeps the natural freshness and flavor of the tea leaves.
Must Try: Panda Milk Tea and Royal Earl Grey Milk Tea

Night Market Milk Tea

Milk Tea in Taiwan: Shilin Market
Milk Tea in Taiwan: Shilin Market

But nothing really compares to the milk tea from Taiwan’s night markets. The night markets are a cultural experience all on their own, making their food and drink unique. Bonus points: the milk tea here is really cheap, and easy to get to by train (READ: Your Ultimate Guide to Taiwan: Taipei by Train).

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