Avatar: The Experience at Gardens by the Bay

The magnificent forests of the exotic continent of Pandora are the ideal backdrop for Avatar: The Experience at Gardens by the Bay from October 28, 2022, through March 31, 2023. Experience a one-of-a-kind immersion into the enigmatic world created by director James Cameron. Definitely an exciting prelude and a preview to what’s to come when the upcoming film Avatar: The Way of Water There are five different interactive zones for adults and kids to interact with.

Mountain Banshee at the Entrance

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A seated banshee situated beneath the roaring waves of the indoor waterfall will greet you as you enter the Cloud Forest. It is one of two photo ops by the conservatory’s entrance.


Prolemuris & Viperwolf

You will encounter odd flora along the way, like the Fiddlehead and the Scorpion Thistle. These match the current plant life in the dome nicely. 

However, the display will include more than just unusual plants. You can witness Prolemuris, a vicious viperwolf, and other creatures when you explore the Cloud Forest dome of Avatar: The Experience at Gardens by the Bay. These offer fantastic photo opportunities inside and around the dome.

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Avatarize yourself

A row of booths where you can “avatarize” yourself is one of the interactive areas. It will take a photo of you and turn you into an avatar. To take the special avatar-self home, scan a QR code. 

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You can take part in a Na’vi ritual in a hut if you want a taste of Pandoran culture. You might also try comparing your height to that of the significantly taller Na’vi.

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6 Metre moving Mountain Banshee

You encounter a Mountain Banshee in the Crystal Mountain area, bringing to life the wonders of Pandora and the Hallelujah Mountains. Undoubtedly, you’ll want a photo with the banshee. You might even spot a much younger, baby banshee if you are there at the correct moment. Additionally, there are stations where you can attempt flying a screen-based banshee.

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The new magical creature, Ilu

The opportunity to see the brand-new magical Ilu creature from the upcoming movie Avatar: The Way of Water up close is another highlight of Avatar: The Experience.

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The last area of the event uses an interactive multimedia installation and display to highlight the magic of the universe James Cameron built. 

This must-see attraction is Avatar: The Experience at Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest. It will coincide with the planned Avatar sequel, which has been 10 years in the process and will hit theatres in December 2022.


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