10 Best Adventures To Take In Bali For Nature Lovers

At the slightest mention of a trip to Bali, any adventurer would think of excursions in the midst of beautiful nature. Here, we list down 10 amazing close-to-nature experiences that will make your heart leap in excitement when in Bali:


Marvel At Majestic Waterfalls

Image by Hartono Subagio from Pixabay

Bali boasts numerous majestic waterfalls. Some of the best-known falls on the island are the Tibumana Waterfall, Tukad Cepung, and the Tegunungan Waterfall. The picturesque views are a treat in themselves as you cool off from the warm weather of Bali. You can also take a moment of peace and quiet to enjoy the sounds of nature. Reaching these waterfalls is easy with organized tours and pick-up services.


Check Out Nusa Penida Island

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Can’t get enough of picturesque views? Take a trip to Nusa Penida Island. This island is tucked away from the touristy beach areas of Bali, meaning it’s got fewer crowds, and you actually get time for yourself or to snap some insta-perfect photos! Access the white sandy beaches on Nusa Penida, like Kelingking Beach and Broken Beach, and take a refreshing dip in the cerulean waters. Be left in awe at the sight of peculiar rock formations. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Snorkeling is actually permitted on some designated parts of the beaches on Nusa Penida so grab your gear and enjoy the deep!



Visit The Tanah Lot Temple

Image by DEZALB from Pixabay

A trip to Bali is never complete without a visit to a temple. Tick this off your travel list by venturing to Pura Tanah Lot, a Hindu pilgrimage temple that sits atop a  rock formation surrounded by the sea. One of the best times to visit this sacred place is just before sunset, so you can catch the orange ball that is the sun disappearing on the horizon.



Embark On A Jungle Safari

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Does the thought of experiencing the wild excite you? Then this safari tour is perfect for you! Encounter a variety of wild animals, and get a chance to feed them while you ride a tram. It is highly recommended to take the tram ride at night to be able to witness the nocturnal animals, too. Moreover, the safari also stages shows like their Animal Educational Show, Big Cats Educational Show, Elephant Educational Show, and the magnificent cultural performance, the Bali Agung Concert. You can also experience dining at the Tsavo Lion Restaurant while watching the animals in their natural habitat.



Swing From The Top

Photo by Dave Weatherall on Unsplash

The Desa Swing offers an Instagram-worthy spot that will be the envy of your followers! Take a seat on the swing and be launched into the crisp, tropical air as you take in the sights of rice fields and valleys surrounding you.



Take The Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

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If you are a morning person and are longing for the breeze and warmth combined during sunrise, then you might want to visit Mount Batur. Prep your mind and body for the trek and witness the priceless vista that only Mount Batur can offer. Once you’re done, ease your tired muscles in one of the mineral springs near the mountain.



Snorkel In The Blue Lagoon Of Padang Bai

Image by Vanda Debreceni from Pixabay

From the highest point of Bali to its deep waters, it doesn’t take one too long to realize how this province truly is packed with gems. Take the Blue Lagoon of Padang Bai for instance. This gorgeous spot is also an ideal location for snorkeling, so take your time and enjoy exploring its waters!



Start your Day With Dolphins

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The volcanic north beaches of Bali are frequented by dolphins that are best viewed early in the morning, at sunrise. While you can take the trip to Lovina on your own, first-timers may opt to take a tour hosted by a local guide, who also gives visitors a lowdown on these friendly creatures!



Rise and Shine at Sanur

Image by terrier ticket from pixabay

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Bali is brimming with lots of adventures to try early in the morning! So here’s another excursion to take: Watch the sunrise at the Sanur Sunrise Point. Best accessed by taking a leisurely bicycle ride, it is regarded as one of the most photogenic locations in Bali.



Be Awe-struck By The Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Photo by Tom Fisk on Pexels

This UNESCO World Heritage-listed site is highly regarded for its terrace-like layout and irrigation system, also known as subak, which is part of Bali’s colorful cultural landscape. Reminiscent of other terrace paddies in Southeast Asia, the Tegalalang Rice Terraces wow tourists with its verdant views that stretch as far as the eye can see.



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