Phuket Island Hopping: 10 Beautiful Islands

Phuket is home to the most enchanting islands in Thailand. It’s a tropical refuge, with islands and islets each having its own charm. Island-hoppers seeking for a restful vacation in Phuket will surely have the time of their lives, thanks to the peace and quiet these islands bring. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back vibe, an amazing spot to dive, or a postcard-perfect paradise, Phuket is the place to be. Ready your beachwear and snorkeling gears for a memorable island-hopping experience on these 10 beautiful islands in Thailand!



Koh Naka Yai Island

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Koh Naka Yai Island is one of the two unspoiled islands in Phuket. It’s a luxurious and exclusive escape as it’s tucked away, off the Phuket northeast coast. What makes this gem a must-visit would be its white sandy shores and calm waters which make the perfect picture of serenity. The island is best enjoyed by taking a dip in the sea or sunbathing. Planning to stay longer? Book your accommodation in the only resort on the island, and take advantage of their island activities such as bike tours or mangrove kayaking. 



Phanak Island

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This island is best known for its caves with magnificent limestones and lagoons. It’s best explored through kayaking, where you can also visit the Bat Cave and get a chance to encounter hundreds of bats and see them live in their natural habitat. You’ll also see a small waterfall that cascades water into several beautiful layers. Phanak Island is only accessible by boat, but many tours include this on their island-hopping itineraries.



Koh Panyee Island

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Koh Panyee Island is not your ordinary island– it’s actually inhabited by the Muslim community with their village floating on the sea. It’s known for its iconic landmark which is the tall limestone formation behind the village. Come here to learn about the floating village, which houses souvenir shops, restaurants, and even small accommodations for tourists. You can also book a private tour to see the nearby attractions to better appreciate this beautiful floating village on Koh Panyee. 



James Bond Island

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You won’t find James Bond here, but this Phuket Island is named so as it was where the James Bond film “The Man with the Golden Gun” was filmed. This famous island attraction located in Phang Nga Bay is actually the island of Khao Phing Kan. What you’ll love here would be the stunning cliffs that rise from the sea and the beautiful limestone caves. Explore James Bond island via canoe that traverses the enchanting mangrove forests of the island. 



Similan Islands

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Similan Islands is a group of small islands situated northwest of Phuket in the Andaman Sea. Huge boulders of rock amidst the thick forest surround the crystal clear water of Similan Islands. It is home to a number of island animals like monkeys, bats, lizards, and birds. But more than the magnificent views, what most people love about the Similan Islands is what’s underneath–the vibrant coral garden and the world-class dive sites. Come to these islands if you like diving, swimming, or snorkeling! Plan your trip ahead as Similan Islands is open from October to May only. 



Koh Khai Islands

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Koh Khai Island is one of the most popular groups of islands in Phuket. It’s a tourist favorite, thanks to its beautiful beach, fun water activities, and restaurants. Besides the shallow waters, tourists love going here because of the restaurants serving delicious seafood, tropical fruits, and cocktails. Make your trip to this island more fun by trying out water activities like jet skiing or a banana boat ride.



Coral Island

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Snorkeling is the best way to spend time at Coral Island. This picturesque island is loved for its vibrant marine life, with lots of colorful fishes and a beautiful coral garden. Snorkeling activities are open to beginners and experienced ones, and you can rent gear for this too. Meanwhile, if you’re into diving, you’ll also have a great time underwater where you’ll meet turtles, angel fish, lionfish, and even whale sharks. Coral Island is your go-to for underwater activities, so make sure you include this on your itinerary!



Ko Racha Yai

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White powdery sands and palm trees line the azure waters of Ko Racha Yai. This lovely Phuket island is a good place to unwind, sunbathe, and swim. Unlike other islands which are only open for day trips, Ko Racha Yai has several accommodations if you’d like to stay longer. Tourists love to come by during the daytime, so it would be best for those who like peaceful beach walks to go here just before sunset–where the view is magical. You can snorkel, bike, and trek along the island to maximize your trip.




Maiton Island

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Another beautiful, secluded island you should add to your bucket list is Maiton Island or Koh Mai Thon to locals. This heavenly island is a private one, with nothing much to do except lounge, swim, or eat. The breathtaking views of Maiton Island alone are totally worth going for, but if you want to spice up your trip, you can also indulge in a BBQ lunch or join beach games with the other guests. You can also have a soothing massage here, perfect for a tiring day of island-hopping adventure. 



Surin Islands

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Composed of five islands, Surin Islands are known for having the best dive and marine viewing sites in Thailand. It’s situated in Mu Ko Surin National Park, which only opens every October to April. It’s an untouched island known for beautiful coral gardens and white beaches, but the highlight of these islands would be the whale sharks living on the island. Come to the island and enjoy snorkeling and diving to see hundreds of marine creatures under the crystal tropical waters. 



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