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Revisiting Manila Ocean Park: Our Top 3 Favorite Experiences In The New Normal!

ICYMI—Manila Ocean Park has reopened its door to the public and is back to welcome people of all ages with an affinity for marine life and more!



Located right at the Rizal Park complex with sweeping views of Manila Bay, the Philippine capital’s premiere oceanarium boasts a variety of educational experiences.

Earlier this month, we were invited to check out Manila Ocean Park in the new normal, and here are our top three highlights:



Sea Lion Encounter

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We had a great start to our day, as we met and greeted two of Manila Ocean Park’s five resident South American sea lions from Chile—Vincent and Icis.

For the Sea Lion Encounter, participating guests are required to bring their own swimwear and toiletries because, yes, you will literally be swimming with sea lions! Safety gear like life vests will be provided by the park. Shower and changing rooms are also made accessible to participating guests.

Once ready, we were ushered to the activity area for a quick briefing before meeting the sea lions—an essential step to ensure everyone’s safety. We also signed a waiver, confirming our willingness to participate in the activity.

In the water, Icis, the sea lion assigned to us that day was beyond game to show us her tricks! From playing fetch the ball to dancing ballet in the water with us!

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She’s very playful and takes instructions from the trainer really well!

The entire experience was enjoyable and unforgettable, we were kinda bummed when it was time to say goodbye to Icis—but not before taking lots of photos! A sea lion kiss photo is a definite must!

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Book your Sea Lion Encounter Ticket and Photo Package here!

*Take note that the admission ticket to the park and the ticket to participate in Sea Lion are purchased separately!


The Oceanarium

It had been years since our last visit to Manila Ocean Park, so we were really excited to see the Oceanarium a.k.a. the crown jewel of the park.

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A walk through the exhibits of freshwater fish in “Jungle Trek” and native tropical fishes in “The Reef” eventually led us to “Lost Atlantis” and the famous “Living Ocean” tunnel, which is home to various species of marine life, including sting rays, butterflyfish, guitarfish, and more!

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The place can get crowded, with people trying to take the best pictures, so make sure to still keep a good distance when passing through!

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At the end of the tunnel, you’ll find a massive tank in “Deep Sea,” where giant groupers and white-tip sharks stun the guests.

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All-Star Bird Show + Sea Lion Show

After touring the entire Manila Ocean Park area, we capped off our visit with a spectacular show that featured intelligent macaws, cockatoos, and eagles that flexed their basketball and problem-solving skills in the All-Star Bird Show!

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For the grand finale of the show, the audience welcomed two sea lions, whose comedic skills are unparalleled. Their bond with their respective trainers was also undeniable as they danced onstage and snapped pictures with a lucky audience member!

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It truly was an awesome day, and we can’t wait to go back to see more of Manila Ocean Park on our next visit!





Manila Ocean Park

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, as well as during public holidays, 10 AM to 6 PM.

Address: Manila Ocean Park Luneta Manila Philippines 1000

Phone: (+632) 7238-6100