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The Best Souvenirs To Bring Home From Jeju Island

Jeju is pristine, peaceful, and charming. This idyllic island, notably South Korea’s largest one, is the destination to be if you want a therapeutic trip away from Seoul’s bustling metropolis. In Jeju, you get a relaxing trip with awesome views and great food. But sadly, as tourists, we can’t stay here for so long. And what better way to bring a piece of Jeju with you than with souvenirs? Here are some of the best you can get from the island, that you can share with your friends back home too!


Hallabong Tangerine

Image by Mike Rowe via Flickr

This jar-shaped sweet and sour tangerine is Jeju’s iconic native fruit. Hallabong tangerines are a citrus fruit that’s perfect for the winter season, being a source of vitamin C. It’s best eaten as it is, but these tangerines have been used to create more products such as juice, tea, chips, ice cream, and even skincare products. 

You can get these Hallbong tangerines in markets and food stalls around Jeju! Harvesting season is towards the end of the year, from December up to February. 



Hareubang Statues

Image by John Seung-Hwan Shin via Wikimedia Commons

Hareubang statues, more commonly known as dol hareubang, are Jeju stone statues that are made from volcanic lava. These are carved rocks with a mushroom hat, with a face, round eyes, and a closed mouth. Dol hareubang, translated as “grandfather made of stone”  is actually a giant stone guardian that you can find scattered along the island. Make sure to get your own mini version in the form of statues, key chains, and decors to remind you of this Jeju fortress from your trip!



Green Tea

Image by Ahn Byounghoon via Flickr

Jeju Island has vast green tea fields. With its fresh air, perfect temperature, and fertile soil, it’s the best place to grow plants to create organic tea. You can visit green tea farms in Jeju, where you can also buy different green tea products such as chocolate bars, matcha ice cream, and cake.


Skincare Products

via Visit Jeju

When it comes to Korean skincare and cosmetics, you can never go wrong with Jeju products. From facial wash to masks, creams, and toners, you better get your stash here as the ingredients they use here are natural and organic, ideal if you love gentle skin care formulas. They have a variety of ingredients such as green tea, volcanic lava, orchid, and aloe vera for every type of skin. It’s the best souvenir to buy for your beauty junkie friends!




via Flickr

Chocolate lovers, your first order of business in Jeju should be the Chocolate Museum! Hoard your favorite sweets from here ranging from dark to milk ones. Get your dose of chocolate overload on the island from drinks to chocolate bars. Around Jeju, you’ll also find shops that sell Jeju tangerine chocolates which you might want to try for the first time!



Local Art and Handicrafts

via Visit Jeju

Shop and support local artists when you buy handmade products as travel gifts! Most of the time, they hold arts and crafts flea markets where you can buy cute, handmade souvenirs that feature different designs and even Jeju-inspired ones. You can buy stationery, toys, crocheted items, postcards, art prints, and more from talented artists that you can also converse with while shopping. These cute trinkets are just the best souvenirs you can get as gifts–thoughtful and creative.



Dried Seafood

Michibanban (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) via Flickr 

A trip to the market will have you shopping for lots of dried goods that are must-buys in Jeju. Try dried squids, fish, skate, and more to bring home to your family. Don’t worry about the smell too, market vendors vacuum-pack these dried fish so they won’t emit the seafood odor when riding a plane. Get lots of seaweed laver too to garnish your rice with.



Rice Wine

via Visit Jeju

Never go home without tasting and buying local rice wine from Jeju. Once you’ve tried their makgeolli made with the famous Jeju tangerines, you’ll surely have a new favorite beverage to drink. Jeju rice wines are great traditional gifts to give to your colleagues and parents at home. Buy these from supermarkets and souvenir shops around the island.


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