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Visiting Australia In Winter: What You Should Expect

Australia is such a cool place — literally and figuratively — to explore in winter. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, the country gets a lot of sunshine even in the coldest season. Australia experiences an exciting variety of weather, and travelling during winter feels like you’re traversing different realms all in one country.

Does it snow in Australia? Where can you ski during winter? Or, for those who hate the cold, where can you escape to during this cold season? 

Here’s what you can expect when you travel to Australia during winter!


When Is Winter in Australia?

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Winter hits Australia from June to August.

But that’s not to say that you’ll see a lot of snow and have to layer up to stay warm. Winter in Australia is relatively warmer than in countries like the United States or Canada — with temperatures averaging between 6°C and 14°C. 

In fact, if you’re someone who hates the cold, it’s not difficult to stay warm as most states, especially those up north, enjoy mild and comfortable weather.

Winter in Oz is not only great for enjoying pleasant weather. It’s also the perfect season to enjoy travelling that’s not too costly! The months of June–August are considered off-season, which means flights are cheaper and crowds are thinner!



Where Can You Enjoy Winter Activities?

In case you’re wondering — yes, it snows in Australia. You’ll find the best snowy destinations in the states of Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania, particularly in the mountains where skiing is a popular winter activity.


Mount Buller, Victoria

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One of the most popular winter destinations in Victoria is the snow resort town of Mount Buller, just a three-hour drive from Melbourne. There are lots of winter sports to enjoy, from skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing to dog sledding. Families can also have fun things to do with kids, such as tobogganing and scenic chairlift rides.



Perisher Ski Resort, New South Wales

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Perisher Ski Resort is dubbed the largest snow resort in the Southern Hemisphere, spanning across four resort villages. Aside from varying ski and snowboarding areas, the resort also boasts a snow-tubing park, a music festival, and fireworks displays.



Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

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For nature-loving travellers, Cradle Mountain offers an amazing winter adventure in its snow-clad wilderness. The scenery of frosty mountaintops will take your breath away as you take on one of its many hiking and walking trails. There’s also a great chance that you’ll encounter Tasmanian animals like wombats and pademelons!



Where Can You Do Warm Activities in Winter?

Love the beach and the outdoors but hate the sweltering summer sun? Us too! 

Well, winter in Australia serves as a refuge for surfers and beach-loungers in northern destinations like the Gold Coast and Cairns. It’s also the best time to plan an outdoor adventure to the Australian outback.


Great Barrier Reef Adventure from Cairns

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Take advantage of the low season and cool and dry weather, and explore the Great Barrier Reef! During the season, the water conditions are milder and you can see more clearly underwater. There are also relatively fewer tourists, so you can savour the underwater reef paradise in all its glory.



Surfing & Other Water Sports on the Gold Coast

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While surfing is a great year-round activity on the Gold Coast, lots of seasoned surfers agree that the swell is more ideal in winter than in summer. No rain to worry about, smaller crowds, and less heat! 

The whole stretch of the coast caters not only to surfers but also to any beach lover, from the popular Surfers Paradise to Broadbeach and South Straddie.



Bushwalking in the Outback

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Winter is also a prime season to venture into the remote wilderness of the great Outback. The temperature is more forgiving, the weather drier and less humid, and the sky bluer and clearer. 

From the ancient rock formations of the Flinders Ranges and the out-of-this-world fiery landscapes of Mungu and Uluru to the refreshing waterholes of Kakadu National Park, a variety of adventures await in the Outback!



Whether you like it frosty or sunny — pick your own kind of winter adventure and book the best experiences on KKday!