The Best Souvenirs To Take Home From Vietnam

Luckily for shopaholics, there are a lot of things to buy in Vietnam, from little trinkets to high-quality specialty products. You’ll get your fair share of shopping opportunities here, whether you prefer big markets in major tourist centers or traditional handmade shops in out-of-the-way villages. Take a little piece of this charming Southeast Asian country home with you with our picks of the best souvenirs from Vietnam.


Vietnamese Coffee Beans

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Take home a few bags of Vietnamese coffee beans so you can enjoy the taste of Vietnam for a little more even when you’re already halfway across the world. Coffee is readily available anywhere in Vietnam; you won’t have a hard time buying them from supermarkets and coffee shops. Fine-quality Vietnamese tea is also a great souvenir for your non-coffee-drinking family and friends.




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Luxuriant silk items are one of the best-selling products in Vietnam. The country is known for producing high-quality silk, especially in the Quang Nam Silk Village in Hoi An, Van Phuc Silk Village in Hanoi, and Nha Xa Silk Village in Ha Nam. Scarves are particularly popular as souvenirs, but there are a wide variety of silk products to choose from.



Non La Hats

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The iconic conical hats that the Vietnamese call “non la” is a unique souvenir—and one that you can actually use! Also known as leaf hats, these traditional accessories are very easy to find. The best quality non la are found in Chuong Village in Hanoi, but most markets sell them to locals and tourists planning to spend hours under the sun (or rain). Make sure you get a conical hat with a chin strap so it doesn’t get blown away during your more strenuous adventures.




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A vintage art form that has been practiced in the country for centuries, Vietnamese lacquerware includes a wide variety of products: jewelry boxes, mugs, bowls, paintings, vases, and more. The technique involves using resin from trees to seal and weather-proof artworks and handcrafted products. Some may be heavier than your usual souvenir, but this is definitely a beautiful piece of Vietnam to take home.




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Vibrant lanterns are everywhere in Vietnam—so why not buy a couple to bring a little color into your own home? A symbol of luck and happiness, pretty paper and silk lanterns come in all shapes, sizes, and hues. It’s best to opt for foldable lanterns, which you can fold flat and easily pack in your luggage. Hoi An’s Old Quarter is one of the renowned places to buy lanterns in Vietnam, but it’s also sold in markets throughout the country.




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Handcrafted ceramics are some of the best things to buy in Vietnam, with the skill dating back centuries. Stunning pottery is all over the country, with the pieces showing influences from China, France, India, and Cambodia. Visit Bat Trang Pottery Village to see masters work with ceramics and pick up beautiful Bat Trang porcelain pieces. If you have a little more time, join a ceramics class and try your hand at pottery making.



Propaganda Posters

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A unique souvenir from Vietnam, propaganda posters are a cool type of war memorabilia you can actually take home. Bold, colorful, and eye-catching, these were made during wartime to rally troops and garner support from civilians. Propaganda posters were originally printed on rice paper, but newer posters are also available on canvas paper. History buffs and collectors can buy original posters are also available for a higher price tag. Many souvenir shops and markets in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi sell propaganda art.


Other Vietnam Souvenirs

  • Chopsticks
  • Hand fans
  • Dó paper products
  • Ao dai (traditional Vietnamese dress)
  • Guoc moc (wooden clog)
  • Bamboo products
  • Vietnamese candy
  • Handcrafted musical instruments


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