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Top 5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Cairns

There are many wonderfully natural attractions in Cairns and many of them family-focused. Thankfully Cairns has quite a few family-oriented dining options too. Today, we bring you a list of the 5 best kid-friendly restaurants in Cairns.

Map of the 5 best kid-friendly restaurants in Cairns
Kid-friendly restaurants in Cairns
Cairns Colonial Club Resort
Cocktails at the Thirsty Flamingo while watching the kids at the playground - KKDay Top 5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Cairns
Cocktails and playtime via Cairns Colonial Club website

Trust a landmark resort to have a kid-friendly restaurant on premises. Not only is there a brand new playground right next to the bar and dining seats, there is an interactive toddler play area where our youngest can get their fun on. Bonus points for being poolside to watch some splashing action!

Next, dine on some battered barramundi while sipping on a mango daiquiri. Meanwhile, your chickadee can enjoy their beef burger and gulping down a strawberry shake. There is something for everyone, even share plates! So take a break from sightseeing and have a chilled-out lunch at one of the coolest kid-friendly restaurants in Cairns.


Muddy’s Cafe
Ice cream and water play at Muddy's Cafe - KKDay Top 5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Cairns
Eating ice cream while playing via Muddy’s Cafe Facebook

There truly isn’t a better restaurant for kids than Muddy’s Cafe. Reason being that is sits in the heart of Muddy’s Playground.  Imagine a park with interactive water play, play equipment, flying fox, puzzles, hamster wheels, sound chimes, a cubby and more! It definitely is a child’s wonderland and then some. The only way to pop by for a quick bite would be to go yourself.

You would want to stop by the cafe for a bite, though. They are not only known for the playground but for their fresh, delicious eats too. Stop by in the morning for some breakfast and a splash or for lunch and a laugh. The fun never ends (actually, the playground’s only open from 9 am to 7pm)! There is no doubt Muddy’s cafe makes it into the top five kid-friendly restaurants in Cairns.


Dundee’s at the Cairns Aquarium
watching the fishes during lunch at Dundee's at Cairns Aquarium - KKDay Top 5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Cairns
Watch the fishes while eating via Dundee’s at Cairns Aquarium Facebook page

Sometimes all you need are fishes swimming around in a gigantic tank to keep your little ones occupied. That is exactly what you’d get at Dundee’s at the Cairns Aquarium. Have your seafood lunch or dinner while watching the fishes (a tiny bit naughty, don’t you think?)

Dundee’s serves more than seafood with delicacies such as crocodile spring rolls and kangaroo steaks on offer. The kid’s menu offers safer options such as sausages and mash or fish and chips. All kid’s meals come with a drink and ice cream. For a serene meal, watching the marine life, head to Dundee’s at the Cairns Aquarium for some feed.


Wharf ONE Cafe
Delicious food at Wharf ONE Cafe - KKDay Top 5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Cairns
Get a taste of their delicious food via Wharf ONE Cafe Facebook page

One of the more kid-friendly restaurants in Cairns is the Wharf ONE Cafe, mainly due to the popular Figtree Playground being right next door. One of the more famous playgrounds in Cairns, this play structure is built in and around a massive fig tree. Crawl through tunnels, walk across a rope bridge, slip down a couple of twisty slides, and climb across many verandas in the jungle gym. Alternatively, if kiddo is here with friends or siblings, they can play hide-and-seek in between the trunks.

Parents of more mature children can kick back at Wharf ONE Cafe, enjoy their healthy Harvest Bowl lunch while their tweens play among the trees. On the other hand, order your Salmon Rosti to go and have a picnic on the generous steps of the playground. Thus allowing you to keep a close eye on the youngers while they play, ensuring they don’t wander down to the water. Fuel their play with the cafe’s kid’s fish and chips and wash it down with a chocolate milkshake.

Take in the water views as the children burn off their lunch at Wharf ONE Cafe.


Cazalys Cairns
Barassis Restaurant and kids room - KKDay Top 5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Cairns
Barassis Restaurant and kids room via Entertainment Cairns website

If you are in South Cairns and need somewhere to eat, stop by Cazaly’s Cairns to pick up some grub. The Barassis Restaurant offers a wide variety of Aussie favourites and sweet treats. Their kid’s menu is also more extensive than most and comes with an ice cream with jelly toppers. Fill the children’s bellies then send them off to the kid’s room to burn it off on the jungle gym then play some console games or watch their favourite videos.

They can also get their face painted every Friday fortnight so take a note and head on down then! There is little doubt why Cazalys Cairns is one of top kid-friendly restaurants in Cairns.


That’s food sorted, now get on to KKDay to sort on getting you attraction admission tickets in Cairns!