Must-Try Restaurants In Laguna (2022 Guide)

In the gastronomic wonderland that is Laguna, there are many good restaurants and cafes you simply pass by on the road. Some are hidden, offering respite from all the hustle and bustle. 

No trip to Laguna is ever complete without filling your tummy with good food. From garden dining and gallery cafes to heritage restaurants — here are the best dining spots worth visiting in Laguna!



Sulyap Gallery Café, San Pablo

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The dining spot in Laguna that should be at the top of everybody’s list is Sulyap Gallery Cafe, which is also a great choice of accommodation for vacationers. Everything is quaint and homey in this heritage restaurant offering a mix of traditional and modern Filipino dishes.

Location: Brgy. Del Remedio, Cocoland Compound, San Pablo City, Laguna
Facebook: Sulyap Gallery Café, Boutique Hotels & Restaurant



Patis Tito Garden Cafe, San Pablo

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Another restaurant you shouldn’t miss in this part of Laguna is Patis Tito Garden Cafe. It is sought-after for its fantastic building design made from upcycled materials from old houses, enhanced by a garden setting where you can enjoy Filipino specialties slow-cooked in palayok (clay pot).

Location: 285 Brgy. Sta. Cruz Putol, San Pablo City, Laguna
Website / Facebook: / Patis Tito Garden Cafe



Del Mano’s, Santa Rosa

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While Nuvali is often the go-to for restaurant searches, Santa Rosa has a lot more to offer. If you want to widen your scope, check out Del Mano’s, a homegrown restaurant tucked in a quiet subdivision near Enchanted Kingdom. It’s well-loved for its chicken wings, steaks, and other grilled specialties.

Location: South Hampton Subdivision (Commercial Residence), Balibago, Santa Rosa, Laguna
Facebook: Del Mano’s



Arabela, Liliw

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Arabela is already synonymous with Liliw when it comes to food. Found at the heart of the old town, this quaint and classy Italian restaurant is a favorite spot for families to share a meal together, with its beautifully and generously plated specialties perfect for the gram.

Location: 503 Rizal St., Liliw, Laguna
Facebook: Arabela



Chef Mau, Liliw

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Another well-loved restaurant in Liliw is Chef Mau, specializing in local comfort food and fusion dishes such as Thai Tilapia and Pinoy Caesar Salad made with adobo flakes. The restaurant has two branches, the original being a bahay kubo in Barangay Bungkol and the other in the town center. 

Location: Liliw-Magdalea Rd., Brgy. Bungkol / Rizal St., Liliw, Laguna
Facebook: Chef Mau Restaurant- Rizal St. Liliw Laguna Branch



Kape Kesada Art Gallery, Paete

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Heritage, art, and coffee are blended perfectly at Kape Kesada, an art gallery cafe housed in a beautifully converted ancestral building in Paete. Relish the art from the quaint old house architecture to the artwork exhibit, and savor the cafe’s pastries, coffee, and bignay wine.

Location: Quesada St., Paete, Laguna
Facebook: Kape Kesada Art Gallery



Calle Arco, Pagsanjan

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Another heritage restaurant not to be missed in Laguna is Calle Arco, housed in a decades-old ancestral home with sentimental interiors adorned with photographs and ceramic collections. Rightly so, Calle Arco serves Filipino fare that will make you feel at home.

Location: 57 Rizal St., Pagsanjan, Laguna
Facebook: Calle Arco Restaurant



Balai Ilocos, Pagsanjan

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Yes to northern cuisine here in the south with Balai Ilocos, Pagsanjan‘s best when it comes to Ilocano specialties. This rustic and cozy restaurant brings delicious favorites from the north such as bagnet, pinakbet, and Vigan longganisa.

Location: Rizal St., Pagsanjan, Laguna
Facebook: Balai Ilocos Restaurant Pagsanjan Branch




Ted’s Kitchen, Santa Cruz

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For Western fare and casual dining, Ted’s Kitchen is a great hangout to enjoy American comfort food like buffalo wings, steaks, and burgers. This modest restaurant evokes the ambiance of a Western diner but cozier. The pastries and desserts by the counter will get you even more excited!

Location: KM 83, National Hwy, Santa Cruz, Laguna
Facebook: Ted’s Kitchen Laguna



Aurora Filipino Cuisine, Santa Cruz

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Housed in a century-old house, Aurora Filipino Cuisine highlights not just familiar Pinoy favorites but also local specialties unique to Santa Cruz. It offers a glimpse of the city’s local culinary heritage through dishes like Ensaladang Santa Cruz (fern salad) and Inalamangang Baboy (crispy pork belly in shrimp paste).

Location: 1488 Pedro Guevara Ave, Santa Cruz, Laguna
Facebook: Aurora Filipino Cuisine 


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*Featured image via Sulyap Gallery Cafe, Chef Mau, Arabela