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Charming Roadside Cafes In Metro Manila For Road Trippers And Bikers

Roadside cafes are your perfect new-normal alternative to the metro’s bustling cafes. They may be smaller, but they have their own irresistible charm. They’re your source for a quick, on-the-go coffee fix. And if you’ve got a flair for finding delicious hidden gems, these cafes are the perfect excuse to hit the road — whether you’re on pedals or behind the wheel. 

Check out these most charming roadside cafes offering good food and coffee in Metro Manila!




Kohi Mkt

via Kohi Mkt on Facebook

Fan of kori kohi? There’s a Japanese-inspired roadside cafe that specializes in it! Kohi Mkt gives kori kohi a little twist by adding different flavors like vanilla, caramel, and matcha. Coffee cubes, milk, and syrup are served separately so you can revel in pouring and mixing up your little concoction.

Location: 1147 Antipolo St., Brgy. Valenzuela, Makati City




via Papakape on Facebook

Everything is so refreshing about Papakape — it’s your little caffeine oasis with unique offerings. Enjoy signature drinks you can probably never find anywhere else, like Kape Gingerccino (ginger-infused coffee with coco froth and cinnamon) and Choco Mochaluya (also ginger-infused).

Location: 5641 Ampere St., Palanan, Makati City



Coffee ARTea

via Coffee ARTea on Instagram

This roadside cafe in the heart of Poblacion, Makati, will not just give you the buzz you need. You can also get a dose of inspiration from the mini art exhibit that features works by local artists. Take a pause and appreciate art while sipping on craft coffee made with locally sourced beans.

Location: 5966 Fermina St., Poblacion, Makati City



Crema Mnl

via Crema Mnl on Facebook

Crema Mnl is a white minimalist cafe tucked in the repurposed garage of a three-story house in a residential neighborhood of Mandaluyong. Its dazzling white design with rustic touches is perfect for the gram! Their coffees are also locally sourced, which is another reason to love them. 

Location: 719 Agudo St., Barangka Dr., Mandaluyong City



Kopi Creations

via Kopi Creations on Facebook

For those up north, Kopi Creations is a great find. Located on a street corner in a laidback neighborhood of Novaliches, this roadside cafe stands out with its clean, rustic-minimalist facade. It offers timeless coffee options like latte and mocha, all priced below PHP 100. 

Location: #9 Tulip St., Novaliches, Quezon City



Ahon Cafe

via Ahon Cafe on Instagram

Ahon Cafe is a well-loved stomping ground by bikers, and it knows how to please them. Aside from coffee and milk tea, the cafe has plenty of filling meals from rice bowls, pasta, and sandwiches to desserts, making it the perfect pitstop after a long ride.

Location: Calamba St. cor. Bulusan St., La Loma, Quezon City



Kape Et Al.

via Kape et al. on Facebook

A fairly new roadside cafe attracting bikers in Marikina is Kape Et Al., with its local-loving concept. The coffee items are named in Filipino, such as Kape Puro (cold brew) and Kape Kastanyas (hazelnut). Their specialty waffles are a perfect match with the drinks. 

Location: 11 Tricarben, Marikina City



Inarawan Cafe

via Inarawan Cafe on Instagram

Inarawan Cafe is a spin-off of what used to be a simple pop-up cafe. Now, it has taken a permanent spot that offers a cozy little refuge for coffee lovers in Marikina. This roadside cafe proudly serves drinks made with local coffee sourced from Batangas and Benguet.

Location: 2 Sampaguita St, San Isidro II, Concepcion Uno, Marikina City


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*Featured image via Inarawan Cafe, Papakape, Kohi Mkt, Kopi Creations