The Lovers of the Red Sky Filming Location That Will Inspire The Artistic Soul In You

On the hunt for your next favorite K-drama? Lovers of the Red Sky is an ongoing historical fantasy romance that tells the epic story of a female painter and a blind astrologer who fall in love in the fictional Dan Dynasty. Based on a novel by Jung Eun-Weol, the series is an enchanting tale of magic, beautiful artists, red-eyed star-readers, gods, demon kings, and warring princes. If you’re looking for a show that weaves fantasy, romance, royal politics, and even a bit of comedy, this one’s a winner.




Besides the engrossing storyline, Lovers of the Red Sky stands out for its beautifully shot scenes in postcard-pretty settings. While the K-drama may be set in the fictional country Dan Guk, its real-life backdrop is a breathtaking location in South Korea that will inspire any artist.


Mureung Valley

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As seen in the official poster of Lovers of the Red Sky, Mureung Valley is a four-kilometer expanse of natural beauty that stretches from Dutasan Mountain and Cheongoksan Mountain. Found in the outskirts of Donghae, Gangwon Province, the valley is a popular hiking destination that is beautiful enough to inspire aspiring painters and photographers all year round. The vast slab of Mureung Rock is especially picturesque, set against the backdrop of lush forests and mountains.  

Expect streams, waterfalls, and even historical sites during the loop around the valley. Travelers can also marvel at the thousand-year-old Samwha Buddhist Temple, which is a tranquil spot to rest near the entrance of the valley. A refreshing dip in the waters is also allowed—and trust us when we say that the prospect of swimming is especially welcome on sunny summer days!

Other notable spots in Mureung Valley include Haksodae Falls, Okryudong, and Seonnyeotang Ravine. 



About Lovers Of The Red Sky

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Lovers of the Red Sky tells the story of the magical Hong Cheon-Ki (Kim You-Jung), the only female painter in the era who was born blind until a goddess miraculously restored her vision. She meets the red-eyed Ha Ram (Ahn Hyo Sub), an astrologer who lost his sight in an accident. Eventually, the two fall in love and face the complex world of gods, demons, royal politics, and love triangles. 

Set in the Joseon era, this historical fantasy romance adapted from a novel of the same name is a must-watch for any sageuk fan. Gong Myung and Kwak Si-Yang also star as Grand Princes, with the former playing the free-spirited Grand Prince Anpyeong and the latter portraying the scheming Grand Prince Sooyang. Lovers of the Red Sky also highlights some elements of Korean folklore, including intriguing characters like Grandmother Samshin (Moon Sook), known in Korean legend as the goddess of childbirth and children.

The 16-episode series is available on the online streaming platform Viu. Premium and free subscribers can enjoy weekly releases of Lovers of the Red Sky here.



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