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Horror K-Dramas For The Ultimate Fright Night

‘Tis the season to be—spooky! Yes, before we start getting jolly—let’s fill the nights with spooks and frights with the best horror K-dramas! It’s a great time to celebrate the charm of South Korea’s folklore, urban legends, and beastly tales. These K-dramas will make you fear things that go bump in the night and what lurks at your back. 

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The Cursed (2020)

If you like to see spirits and shamans in action, The Cursed is a thriller-horror K-drama you shouldn’t miss. It follows a righteous reporter, Im Jin-hee (Uhm Ji-won) striving to uncover the evil secrets of an IT conglomerate called Forest. She is joined by Baek So-jin (Jung Ji-so), a young shaman who seeks revenge on the same company. 

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Strange School Tales (2020)

Strange School Tales is an anthology of three short stories—8 Years, The Child Who Would Not Come, and Karma. Running for four episodes, the incidents of each story occur in the same high school. Mysterious murders and possessions. Odd, menacing teens. Family reunion from the grave. Be prepared for goosebumps and jumpscares! (Or not.)

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Dark Hole (2021)

In the Korean countryside, the earth collapsed into a dark hole emitting smoke. This mysterious dark smoke turns people into zombie-like mutants that go on a killing spree. A detective from Seoul (Kim Ok-bin) and a native truck driver (Lee Joon-hyuk) hold their breaths, confront their fears, and fight off the monsters. Amid the swarm, we also encounter cults, shamans, and humans with dark secrets. 

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White Christmas (2011)

via KBS

No ghosts or monsters here—but the spirit of Christmas is eerie enough to send chills up your spine. In an elite private high school embedded in the snow-locked mountains of Gangwon-do, seven students and two adults are stuck and dying one by one. Doomed by a mysterious letter, they fight the evil in their midst—or get consumed by it. 

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Save Me 2 (2019)

Save Me has demonstrated further that monsters are real—and they walk among us. In this sequel, another peaceful rural town is disturbed by the arrival of a cult leader with a wholesome facade. And the only one who sees through this disguise is a delinquent young man whose sister is in danger.

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Bring It On, Ghost (2016)

Bring It On, Ghost is an underrated K-drama that you should watch if you have a low fright tolerance. It follows the ghost-busting adventures of part-time exorcist Park Bong-pal (Ok Taecyeon) and ghost Kim Hyun-ji (Kim So-hyun). Their cute chemistry and funny moments make the show easy to enjoy in spite of evil spirits and mysteries.

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The Masters’s Sun (2013)

Another great horror-comedy K-drama for the faint of heart is The Master’s Sun, which also has a lot of heart-fluttering moments. Tae Gong-shil (Gong Hyo-jin) is terrified of ghosts she sees through her third eye. She finds refuge in a coldhearted conglomerate CEO (So Ji-sub) whose touch wards off the spirits and works for him in return.

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Can you watch all these shows without covering your eyes or jumping out of your seat? If these are too much for you, then grab a friend to share the fun (and the fear) with!  Download the Viu app now and start your horror K-drama marathon!



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*Featured image via TV Chosun & KBS