The Best Pasalubong You Can Bring Home From Rizal

Shopaholics know that one of the joys of traveling is collecting souvenirs. Hunting down the perfect pasalubong for yourself or your loved ones is a fun activity, and it allows you to take home a little piece of your destination even when your vacation has long passed.

The province of Rizal may be relatively close to Manila, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t splurge on some of the provincial specialties if you’re in town. After all, this is a great place for relaxing staycations or camping adventures—why not pick up a few souvenirs when you’re here? Read on for our picks of the best pasalubong from Rizal and where you can get them.


Suman & Other Delicacies (Antipolo)

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Even before Antipolo emerged as a must-visit foodie destination, the city was already known for its variety of local delicacies. Suman is probably the best-known and most beloved—or maybe just a personal favorite—but other yummy treats include kasoy (cashew nuts) and kalamay. When you’re passing by Sumulong Highway, it’s impossible to miss the suman vendors set up along the winding highway.



Pottery (Antipolo)

via Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery Facebook page

One of the best dining spots in Antipolo is Crescent Moon Café and Pottery Studio, a restaurant and artist’s haven serving delicious Southeast Asian cuisine in a pretty garden setting. More importantly for souvenir hunters, it’s home to the pottery studio of the owner and renowned artist Lanelle Abueva-Fernando. Drop by the café’s in-house shop for beautifully crafted local stoneware at reasonable prices.

Address: Sapang Buho Road, Brgy. Dalig, Antipolo City
Website:, Facebook



Religious Items (Antipolo)

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The centuries-old Antipolo Cathedral (National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage) is a famous pilgrimage site, so it’s not surprising that there are plenty of religious items on sale near the church. For the pious celebrating Mass, it’s worth browsing through the vendor stalls outside the cathedral for rosaries, religious figurines, and a variety of merchandise of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.



Bibingka (Cainta)

via Aling Kika’s Food Products Facebook page

Bibingka is closely associated with the holidays, but it’s available all year round in Cainta. Fans of this delicious snack flock to the famous Aling Kika’s Food Products for their bibingka fix. The well-loved shop’s take on the sweet rice cake is reminiscent of biko and topped with latik. Aling Kika’s also sells coco jam, which is another must-try Rizal specialty.

Address: Aling Kika’s, 102 Bonifacio Ave, Santo Domingo, Cainta
Rates: Starts at P90 for a slice
Website: Facebook



Miniature Higantes Masks And Figures (Angono)

via Balaw Balaw Restaurant and Art Gallery Facebook page

As the Art Capital of the Philippines, Angono is an alluring Rizal destination for any traveler who appreciates art and culture. This colorful town is also home to the Higantes Festival, a lively celebration characterized by vibrant paper mache higantes (giants) as tall as 12 to 15 feet parading down the streets to music and partying. Tourists can buy their own miniature versions of these higantes at Balaw-Balaw Restaurant and Art Museum, whether they prefer full figurines or masks that can be hung on the wall.

Address: 11 Doña Justa Subd., Brgy. San Roque, Angono
Website: Facebook



Travel Reminders When Visiting Rizal

The province of Rizal is currently under MECQ until October 15, 2021. Before traveling to Antipolo, Tanay, Angono, or anywhere else in Rizal, make sure you have your COVID-19 essentials with you, including face masks and face shields.




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