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5 Perth Adventures To Take Before AFL Begins

It’s finally AFL season! The whole country can’t wait to show their support to their favorite players and teams, and last week’s record-breaking AFL tickets sales that sold out in less than 10 minutes just prove one thing– folks are so ready to go all-out, literally and figuratively.

Now that the pandemic restrictions are slowly easing up once more, there’s hope for many football fans both local and international to enjoy watching this awesome sport without any restrictions or extra protocols. If you’ve managed to snag a couple of tickets yourself, congratulations! But don’t let the fun stop there. You’ve still got a couple more days before the games start on the 25th, so why not take fun little adventures around the area while you wait for the action to begin? Here are 5 fun-filled Perth trips that you can take before the football matches commence!


Perth Pinnacles Day Tour

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Explore the breathtaking nature spots of Western Australia and go on this tour that visits the best ones like the Pinnacles, Wildlife Park, and Cervantes Town with this whole day tour! Go on adrenaline-filled rides and try your hand at sandboarding, or bravely go on off-road SUV drives. This exciting trip shows you some of the most stunning sights nature has to offer such as limestone structures, beautiful coastlines, and precious wildlife. 



Luxe Island Seafood Cruise

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Hop aboard a deluxe cruise ship and go on a day filled with some of the freshest seafood you can get with this exciting whole-day cruise! Spend an entire day indulging in some of Rottnest Island’s freshest catch like the Western rock lobster. Have the onboard chefs cook this fresh seafood to perfection, and make sure to eat to your heart’s content! After getting your fill, you can simply sit back, relax, and take in the beautiful views of Longreach or Parakeet Bay.



Perth Sunset Coast Biking

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Put all your football anticipation energy to good use and start pedaling around Perth with this fun Bike Hire package! Enjoy the beautiful spots and stunning views of Sunset Coastline as you explore the area with your trusty bike. Go on amazing spots like Hillary’s Boat Harbour, Marmion Marine Park, and even as far as Scarborough if your legs can handle it!



Margaret River Leeuwin Estate Winery Tour

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Wind down at Margaret River wine region for a full-day tour! Drink, eat, and take a leisurely walk the whole day, exploring Leeuwin Estate that’s known for its smooth wines and delicious food. Learn more about the winemaking process as the guide take you around the winery. Munch on some yummy canapés as you take sips of their refreshing wines. Take in the stunning views of the area such as Karri forest and Margaret River. As an extra little treat, and head over to their Leeuwin Art Gallery for their beautiful art. 



Aquarium of Western Australia

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Learn more about the country’s vibrant marine life and head on over to the Aquarium of Western Australia! Go on the guided tours, explore all the aquarium’s beautiful makeshift habitats like their underwater tunnel, and check out its themed exhibits for a day filled with fun underwater views.



Now’s the perfect time to squeeze in an adventure (or two, or three!) into your to-do list before the football games start, and there’s no better way to do it than going on an exciting and convenient Perth adventure! Take advantage of the wonderful Perth spots and make sure to drop by any of our top picks for the ultimate post-lockdown experience. Book your adventure tickets with KKday and get even more treats with exclusive packages at really affordable prices!


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