A Beach Bum’s Guide To Noosa

Picture your dream beach destination and it will probably look a lot like Noosa. Nestled on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, this laidback resort town is home to a wide range of spectacular beaches. Whether you’re looking to surf killer waves or hang out on the sandy shores, this is an ocean lover’s paradise. From July to October, beachgoers can even spot pods of humpback whales in Noosa waters as they go about their annual migration.

A true tourist idyll, Noosa also features national parks, lakes, rivers, and a stylish collection of shops, restaurants, and cafés. But the spotlight is always on the sea. Here are some of the best beaches in Noosa, Australia for your upcoming coastal getaway.



Noosa Main Beach

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No traveller should ever visit Noosa without spending a day at Noosa Main Beach—it’s the most popular tourist draw in town for good reason. This vast stretch of beach is gorgeous with golden sands, gentle waves, and crystalline waters framed by the headlands. The relatively calm sea means that it’s safe to swim here all year round, but it’s also a pretty popular beach break for surfing. Lifeguards patrol the beach, making it even safer for swimmers and surfers in the water.

As a plus, Noosa Main Beach runs along the iconic Hastings Street, giving beachgoers plenty of shops and restaurants to explore just steps from the shore.



Sunshine Beach

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Another popular surfing and swimming spot in Noosa is the stunning 15-kilometre stretch of Sunshine Beach. The patrolled beach is a pristine expanse of sun and sand on the southern side of Noosa National Park. Picturesque and dog-friendly, Sunshine Beach is a favourite of locals and tourists alike. During migration season, keep an eye out for humpback whales in the waters! Charming shops and cafés are only a short stroll away.



Sunrise Beach

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A few steps away from the chic shops of Hastings Street, the laidback Sunrise Beach is easily accessible and easy to love. Golden sands, dazzling blue waters, and rolling waves attract a regular stream of beach lovers and wave riders. With the Noosa National Park embracing the popular beach, it’s a wonderful place for enjoying the town’s beautiful natural scenery.



Castaways Beach

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A kind-of-a-secret spot for locals, Castaways Beach is a quieter and more peaceful spot for swimming and surfing. It doesn’t have shops and cafés, which is ideal if you prefer avoiding the tourist circuit. Surrounded by lush flora and animals like koalas and kangaroos, Castaways Beach is a great place to bask in nature and the open Pacific. Dog owners can even take their furry friends along for some off-leash fun! Keep in mind that there are no patrols in this area, so visitors need to be extra vigilant in the water.



Peregian Beach

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Another local hotspot in town is Peregian Beach, a great place to chill out and embrace the easygoing vibe of Noosa. A good selection of restaurants and cafés in the village centre is within walking distance, so hungry beachgoers get easy access to delicious grub. Besides being a spectacularly beautiful seaside destination, this is an excellent place for travellers who want everything within reach during a day at the beach.



Tea Tree Bay

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The picture-perfect Noosa National Park features plenty of gorgeous beaches. One of the most notable is Tea Tree Bay, a rocky seascape with a canopy of pandanus trees. Local and experienced surfers who are familiar with the sharp rocks in the water often paddle out to catch the gnarly waves at the bay, but travellers are advised to avoid swimming in this unpatrolled beach. However, Tea Tree Bay is a strikingly beautiful spot for sightseeing, photography, and beachside strolls.



Beyond the beaches…

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Even beach bums can spare an hour or two away from the shore to explore everything else that Noosa has to offer. After all, this is an Australian destination that packs a lot of diversity in its picturesque corner of Queensland. So, venture beyond the surf and embrace a whole host of natural and cultural gems that only add to the resort town’s undeniable appeal.

Nature trails at the Noosa National Park are a must-try in this resort town. Not only does a loop walk in the park take travellers through awe-inspiring natural landscapes of beaches and rainforests, but it also offers the opportunity to spot animals in the wild, including koalas, dolphins, and turtles.

Tourists will undoubtedly find themselves exploring the stylish Hastings Street at one point for great restaurants and retail shops, while Eumundi Markets is an awesome stop for locally made artisan products.

Most travellers head to Noosa for the sun-soaked beaches, but the town actually features one of only two everglades systems on the planet. Dubbed as the “River of Mirrors,” the Noosa Everglades is one of Australia’s most diverse ecosystems, with over 40 percent of Australia’s bird species. Travel through the glassy waters and marvel at the untouched wilderness on an eco-cruise through the everglades.



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*Featured images via KKday Supplier, Visit Noosa, Queensland (official website)