Best Beach Alternatives Near Manila

Summer and hot days are synonymous with the beach. But not everybody is keen on a beach vacation or just don’t have access to a good beach from the metro. Whichever your case is, this guide is for you. From lakes and natural springs to themed attractions, we’ve listed the best beach alternatives you can easily escape to from Manila. 



Lakeside Resorts in Laguna

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Laguna harbors a number of beautiful lakes—big and small, natural and man-made. These waterholes a great alternative to the beach especially if your goal is just to chill out. The waters are calm. The environment is lush. And staycation spots abound. You can find many hip Airbnbs and resorts in towns along Laguna de Bay, which is the Philippines’ largest, in San Pablo City also known as the town of seven lakes, and the man-made Caliraya Lake in Cavinti.

Check out Mountain Lake Resort in Cavinti for both relaxing and exciting water activities the whole family can enjoy.



Natural Cold Springs in Laguna

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Thanks to the rich natural resources in Laguna, there’s also an abundance of natural springs with amazing scenery. Hot springs are very popular, particularly in the resort capital Calamba, but there are also underrated cold springs that help relieve the summer heat. Some of the local favorites are Hidden Valley Springs in Calauan and Bato Springs in San Pablo. These cold springs are not to be underestimated as they can easily make summer feel like winter!



Waterfalls in Rizal

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Waterfalls are another great alternative to the beach, and the best of them you can find in Rizal province. Waterfalls offer a good dose of outdoor adventure since you usually have to do a short trek to uncover these natural wonders. You exert yourself a little and be rewarded with a refreshing dip under a waterfall—this makes the trip more satisfying. 

Here are the most stunning waterfalls we’ve uncovered in Rizal!




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If lolling privately in a bathtub is your thing, you’d be surprised how unique the experience can be when you go to Tagaytay. There are hotels along the ridge fitted with bathrooms with views or even outdoor jacuzzis and pools overlooking Taal Volcano. Away from the ridge, there are also farm and spa resorts with outdoor pools surrounded by picturesque gardens. 

Check out Nurture Wellness Village with its outdoor pool and Filipino-quality massage treatments!




Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

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There are a lot of cool things to do at Villa Escudero, starting with the famous kamayan-style buffet at Labasin Waterfalls. Besides that, there are many other activities in and near the water such as bamboo rafting and fishing. There are also outdoor swimming pools with play areas for kids. 

Book this Villa Escudero tour from Manila so you don’t miss all the resort’s attractions!




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