5 Extreme Adventures In Australia For All The Thrill-Seekers

For some, the perfect trip is relaxing the day away at a tropical beach, piña colada in hand and troubles nowhere to be found. But for others, it’s doing extreme activities that get their heart racing and their adrenaline pumping! Chasing thrills is always a good way to go about your vacations, and in Australia, there’s an insane amount of extreme adventures you can take to get that taste of thrills!

If you want to unleash the daredevil inside, here are five extreme activities you can go for in Australia that’s perfect for some thrill-seeking action!



Take The Climb Of Your Life

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Going to see Australia’s Sydney Harbour Bridge is a fun little activity in itself. But if you want to take it a step further, you can always climb to the top of this iconic landmark! Scale 130 meters above the ground and get a breathtaking view of the city from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Perfect for family groups who want to chase thrills together, this is a truly unique and unforgettable experience you can brag about after conquering it! You can choose from Dawn, Daytime, Twilight, and Night sessions to get a different kind of experience during different parts of the day.



Discover Shipwrecks And Sand Dunes 

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Go on the Moreton Island Day Trip, and get ready for a full day’s worth of thrills! Start by snorkeling the clear waters of Moreton Island, and go hunting for some of the famous Tangalooma shipwrecks down in the deep. For something a bit more extreme, head over to their sand dunes and for some sand tobogganing! 



Experience Some Free-Fallin’ Fun 

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If you’re looking for the ultimate extreme activity to try in Australia, the Wollongong Skydiving Experience is the one for you. Get taken 4,500 meters above to ground for the most exciting jump of your life! Every single moment will surely max out your adrenaline rush! Experience falling down at a speed of 200 km/h for 60 heart-racing seconds! 



Take Flight On A Hot Air Balloon 

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Go for the Hunter Valley Hot Air Balloon Experience and take the typical sightseeing activity a notch higher, literally! See the beautiful views of the Hunter Valley Vineyards from 600 meters above the ground. Spend an entire hour gliding through the skies and give yourself a memorable experience to fondly look back on.



Enjoy Views From The Air To The Land 

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Head over to Queensland for a Skyline Gondola and Luge Experience. Start the trip with an exciting gondola ride going up to the area’s highest peak. After reaching the top, the real thrills begin. Head back down on a fast and exciting luge car ride! Talk about the adrenaline rush of a lifetime!



Australia is the perfect place for all kinds of thrill-seekers looking for that rush of adrenaline. And if you’re one to chase those heart-racing moments, make sure to try out these action-packed adventures! Book these activities at KKday, and get them for a special deal. What are you waiting for, adrenaline junkie?



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