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3 Types of Adventures Animal Lovers Can Take In Australia

We all adore our furry, slimy, or wet little creatures. But no one else loves them more than our cheeky friends from down under. Australia takes animal appreciation seriously, and with the extensive range of species inhabiting their land, it’s no surprise they have gotten a soft spot for these adorable little (or big) creatures.

If you want to join in on some animal lovin’ from down under, there are lots of different ways you can do it! Here are three fun and exciting activities in Australia that are perfect for all the animal lovers out there.



Venture Into The Wild

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Nothing beats a good ol’ trip to the zoo. And in Australia, there’s plenty of these animal sanctuaries to choose from! Head on over to the Melbourne Zoo if you want to see tons of cute little kangaroos up close. If you’re into clingy koalas, the Sydney Koala Park Sanctuary is the place for you! Get a chance to pet this super adorable creature, plus other Australian-native animals. If you want to have the ultimate zoo experience, make your way to The Taronga Zoo, the country’s biggest zoo over at Sydney Harbour. With over 5,000 animals, you can enjoy a day full of close animal encounters and fun sightseeing.

If you want to meet some deep-sea creatures, the Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium has got you covered! Get to see over 500 sea creatures up close, including seals, sharks, and even King penguins! If you’re up for a bright little critter crawl, you can go for the Glow Worm Tour at the Gold Coast. Go in search for these bioluminescent critters as they light up just for you.



Go All-Out on Animals and Attractions

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Your trip doesn’t just have to be all about animals. Sprinkle in some fun tourist attractions too, with the Sydney Attraction Tickets Combo! Not only will you get to explore the Sydney Wild Life Zoo and the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, you’ll also get access to the coolest, most fun-filled spots Australia has to offer, like Madame Tussauds and Sydney Tower Eye!



Meet All Kinds Friendly Creatures on Island Tours

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Seeing cute little sea creatures like penguins, dolphins, and dugongs is only half of the fun with island tours. Enjoy the leisure island cruises that serve up delicious meals and fun activities as you go. Try the Philip Island Day Tour and get to see an adorable penguin parade and big fur seals. The Moreton Island Day Tour lets you explore its clear blue waters so you can catch a glimpse of their shipwrecks, or go have a thrilling sand tobogganing at one of the world’s largest sand dunes.


Australia is an animal haven, and they’ve surely got all kinds of critters, creatures, and beasts for all kinds of animal-loving peeps! So make sure to check out these fun spots for your next trip. All the animals can’t wait to see you!

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