6 Restaurants In Metro Manila That Serve Authentic Filipino Flavors

The Philippines is known for its storied past and stunning islands like Boracay and Palawan. But aside from being proud of the breathtaking sights their country offers, Filipinos are also extremely proud of their cuisine! Celebrate Filipino flavors by checking out these six restaurants in Manila that serve authentic Filipino dishes that will satisfy your cravings!



Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant

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If you’re looking for authentic Filipino food to add to your day trip in Intramuros, Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant is the perfect place to go! The place offers a fine dining experience with its traditional and classic Filipino vibe perfect for locals and tourists alike. Witness a cultural performance that will take you back to old Manila while tasting all of the dishes from their grand buffet. Their Kare Kare and Sinigang will surely fill you up and let you taste the best of Filipino cuisine.

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Location: Plaza Sans Luis Complex General Luna St., Intramuros, Manila



Manam Comfort Filipino

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Manam formerly known as NamNam offers both traditional homestyle cooking and their fresh twists of these classics. This restaurant turns the classic Pinoy dishes into a spectacle! From their famous Crispy Sisig to Crispy Pancit Palabok, this is the place to go if you’re craving traditional yet modern Filipino food. See a list of Manam branches here.



Romulo Café

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Enjoy traditional Filipino dishes at this museum-style restaurant while you look back at the Philippines’ rich history. Romulo Café offers delicious home-cooked comfort food, along with tasty vegetarian dishes on their menu. Plus, most of the recipes used in the restaurants are the family’s heirloom recipes. Their Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso that has a comfortingly sour taste is a must-try too! For more information, check out Romulo Café’s Facebook page.

Location: 148 Jupiter St. corner Comet St., Bel-Air, Makati City




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Provenciano Restaurant promises to bring the warmth of being at home in the countryside through its food and dining experience. It features a rustic place that will make you feel relaxed and comfy, perfect for family bonding! Nestled in the inner streets of Quezon City, this restaurant serves regional specialties like Kansi from Iloilo and Laing from Bicol. Guests can also enjoy al fresco dining under the lush trees.

Location: 110 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Diliman, Quezon City




via Crisostomo on Facebook

Crisostomo” is a well-known name in the classic novel Noli Me Tangere by Jose Rizal. This restaurant is said to offer a fine dining experience that is not intimidating for all types of Filipinos. It also takes inspiration from international cuisines and blends them with local flavors to come up with unique Filipino dishes. You can’t miss their meat and seafood platter called De Los Santos when you visit here! Check their official website for reservations at the branch near you!



Sentro 1771

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Sentro 1771 offers a modern twist to local cuisine by fusing Western and Asian influences in Filipino dishes. For years, this restaurant has been known for its unique dishes such as Corned Beef Sinigang and Rated GG. Their Corned Beef Sinigang is a favorite among locals because of its rich and sour broth that complements the beef. So when in Manila, visiting this cozy yet modern restaurant is a must! For more information, you can check out Sentro 1771’s Facebook page.



Excited to eat out this holiday? We bet you are! Don’t forget to wear your face mask and face shield!

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*Featured image via Crisostomo, Sentro 1771, and Romulo Café on Facebook