Healthy Food Delivery Services For When You’re Too Lazy To Prep Or Cook

The whole world of food delivery swelled during the pandemic, and you’ve got a plethora of options right at your fingertips. It can be hard to choose, but healthy should always take precedence. That said, amid a sea of temptingly sinful indulgences, there are food delivery services that can help you sustain—or kickstart—your healthy diet. Here are our favorites:



Yummy Diet

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If you’re struggling with a balanced diet, worry no more because Yummy Diet will take care of your meal planning. Choose from four programs: Low Cal, Low Carb High Protein, Keto, and DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). With daily rates ranging from PHP 420 to PHP 640, you’ll get all three meals of the day plus snacks and coffee/tea. Meals are attractively curated with a variety of ingredients and flavors. 

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Fitness Gourmet PH

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Looking for a vegetarian option? Among their calorie-controlled meal plans, Fitness Gourmet PH has a Vegetarian Diet program starting at PHP 3,000 for five days. If you have very specific diet requirements concerning your health, their Therapeutic Diet plan includes nutritional counselling with a nutritionist-dietician to determine your ideal meal plans. Other plans on offer are Low Calorie, High Protein, HCG, and Ketogenic.

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via Brothed

Although their all-natural broths are perfect for your favorite ramen or stew, Brothed highlights them as meal replacements for dieters. If you’re trying to lose weight or lead a healthier diet, you can follow Brothed’s cleanse programs. Choose from chicken, beef, and vegetable broths, all collagen-rich and perfect with vegetables. Complete your healthy meal with their cauliflower rice, a vegan low-carb alternative to white rice.

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via Isabel’s

Isabel’s is our trusty source of salads of all colors. Vegetables come fresh, all-natural, and pesticide-free—and it shows through all the vibrantly colored leaves and peels—from Isabel’s farm in Alfonso, Cavite. Choose from a variety of salads, fresh spring rolls, and MeatPlant power bowls, which can satisfy vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. DIY salad kits and subscription plans are also available.

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Good Food Co.

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Need more healthy greens in your pantry? Stock up more sustainably with Good Food Co.’s community-shared agriculture (CSA) farmshare subscription. You not only get fresh and organic veggies and fruits but also support small local farmers where they come from. What’s more, is that delivery packages come in reusable tampipi boxes or bayongs made by local pandan weavers.

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Chef’s Frozen Kitchen

via Chef’s Frozen Kitchen

Meanwhile, for meat lovers, Chef’s Frozen Kitchen is a great reason to skip the supermarket freezer section. Perfect for K-BBQ parties at home, this shop prides itself on ready-to-cook meats free of preservatives, MSG, and extenders. There are lots of meats to choose from, from Korean-style beef bulgogi and Japanese sukiyaki to Pinoy-favorite bagnet sisig. 

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*Featured image via Isabel’s / Yummy Diet