7 Delicious Strawberry Specialties In Baguio That We’re Craving Right Now

Vizco's Restaurant and Cake Shop & Baguio Craft Brewery

Strawberries reign supreme in Baguio, even among the many iconic foods that the city is known for. Travelers hoard fresh strawberries from the Baguio City Market and it’s one of the most popular souvenir items from the Summer Capital of the Philippines. But the city has made the most of its constant supply of strawberries with locals are coming up with new and creative ways to enjoy the flavors of this yummy fruit. If you’re a fan of strawberry flavors, these seven delicious strawberry specialties in Baguio are worth traveling up the mountains for.


Strawberry Taho

Strawberry Taho
via Renzelle Mae Abasolo on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Taho, a Filipino street food made of silken tofu, syrup, and tapioca pearls, is a treat found all over the Philippines. But have you ever had strawberry taho? Many tourist spots in Baguio are frequented by taho vendors offering this taho variation, which comes with rich strawberry syrup and whole strawberries. Ube-flavored taho is also typically available.

Best Place to Eat: Anywhere in Baguio, but it’s especially fun to enjoy in Burnham Park in the morning.

Visit Burnham Park and other famous Baguio landmarks on the Baguio City half-day shared tour via KKday.



Strawberry Champorado

Strawberry Champorado Le Monet Hotel
via Le Monet Hotel Facebook page

Head to Le Monet Hotel in Camp John Hay for the hotel’s surprising take on champorado. A warm bowl of strawberry-flavored champorado is an exceptional breakfast featuring an unbeatable combo of strawberries, coconut milk, and white chocolate. And if you want a cool drink to go with your pudding-style dish, order a glass of strawberry milkshake to pair with the champorado—or as a dessert!

Best Place to Eat: Le Monet Hotel



Strawberry Sinigang

Zenz Strawberry Sinigang
via Mines View Park Hotel Facebook page

When most people think of strawberries, they think of sweet desserts but the fruit goes just as well with sour and savory dishes! Particularly, the Pinoy favorite: sinigang. One of the best-selling dishes at the Zenz Bar & Restaurant in Mines View Park Hotel is pork sinigang with strawberries, which adds a sweet-ish and fruity hint to the typically sour broth. It may sound strange but trust us, you’ll be jostling for a second helping!

Best Place to Eat: Zenz Bar & Restaurant in Mines View Park Hotel



Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop
via Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop Facebook page

Strawberry cakes and pastries aren’t exactly unique to Baguio, but the ultimate strawberry shortcake is found here. The famous strawberry shortcake from Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop is among the best-selling souvenirs in the city with its airy chiffon cake, rich cream, and a generous topping of fresh strawberries.

Best Place to Eat: Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop



Strawberry Crinkles

Strawberry Crinkles The Crinkle Co. Baguio
via The Crinkle Co. Baguio Facebook page

Yes, even cookies have strawberry-flavored options in Baguio City! The sweet treat is readily available in the Baguio City Market, but pastry shops like The Crinkle Co. also offer the delicacy. It’s a wonderful (and affordable) snack, whether you’re savoring the cookie as a dessert or enjoying it with morning coffee.

Best Place to Eat: Baguio City Market



Strawberry Craft Beer

Baguio Craft Brewery Strawberry Beer
via Baguio Craft Brewery Facebook page

The craft beer scene is thriving in the City of Pines, and Baguio Craft Brewery is the best place to enjoy it. While there are endless brew options to sample in the popular tourist haunt, one of the most original drinks on the menu is the brewery’s signature Lagud. It’s a strawberry fruit beer that is quite sweet and refreshing. Beer drinkers will appreciate the original flavors and the nod to the city’s best-selling fruit, whether you enjoy fruity flavors in your alcohol or not.

Best Place to Eat: Baguio Craft Brewery



Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam
via Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels

Prefer to keep things simple and classic? Baguio-made strawberry jam is always a great choice. The best-selling fruit preserve goes well with so many things that it’s best to buy more than a single jar at a time. Some of our favorite foods to pair with strawberry jam include bread, crackers, yogurt, crepes, and smoothies. Baking enthusiasts can even whip up their own strawberry muffins and pastries.

Best Place to Buy: Good Shepherd’s Convent




And of course, every strawberry lover visiting Baguio must try strawberry picking at the La Trinidad Strawberry Farm. Book here.

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*Featured image via Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop & Baguio Craft Brewery