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Travel Vlogs You Should Watch For Your Daily Dose of Wanderlust

Travel is life, right? But if you’re currently stuck at home and itching for a taste of life on the road, following the adventures of globetrotting YouTube vloggers could be a soothing balm for your travel-starved spirit. Plus, these videos offer amazing travel inspiration for your next vacation. It’s almost as satisfying as flying to far-flung places yourself. Here, we introduce some of our favorite explorers who can be counted on to pump out great travel content and insights. Read on for our picks of their top travel vlogs on YouTube for your daily dose of wanderlust.


Boracay (Angel Dei)


Oh, Boracay. If you’re longing for the famous White Beach, let Angel Dei take you to the pristine white shores. Dei is a well-loved travel and lifestyle vlogger and influencer from the Philippines who often films her travel experiences on the beautiful isles of the country. In this vlog, she takes us along a fun trip of island hopping, helmet diving, and parasailing in Boracay.

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Coron (Angel Dei)


Fly to Coron and experience some of the tropical gems of this Palawan destination. From island hopping to Malcapuya, Coco Beach, and Ditaytayan to a unique safari at Calauit Safari Park, you’ll almost feel like you’re tagging along Angel’s first trip to Coron.

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Singapore (Ry Velasco)


Another well-known beauty and lifestyle vlogger in the Philippines is Ry Velasco who also enjoys sightseeing in different local and international destinations. In this vlog, follow Ry and her family as they explore a few of Singapore’s most popular attractions, including Universal Studios and Skyline Luge.

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Japan (Ashley Sandrine Yap)


If you’re planning a first theme park date with your beau, you might as well go to one of the best ones. That’s what beauty and lifestyle vlogger Ashley Sandrine Yap did in Japan, where she and her boyfriend Reph Bangsil visit Universal Studios Japan for rides, escape rooms, and yummy food.

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Take a peek at one of the biggest aquariums in the world, the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. After visiting the aquarium, follow Ashley’s shopping jaunt as she hunts for luxury vintage bags in Dotonbori.

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Korea (iAmAileenTV)


As a long-time travel vlogger, Aileen Adalid’s YouTube channel is a great place for travel tips and insights. For instance, if you’re dreaming of a trip to Seoul to live out your K-drama dreams, her Seoul, South Korea travel guide is a must-watch as Aileen films seven days of her trip. From exploring Seoul to visiting the beautiful Nami Island, it’s everything you want out of a Korea vacation.

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In the land of the K-pop stars, you might as well be one. In one of her videos, Aileen shares her experience attending a K-pop dance class at the largest dance studio in Seoul.

Join a K-pop dance class and learn the moves from professional dancers who have performed with mega-stars like Big Bang and Super Junior.

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Taiwan (Will Fly For Food)


Is there a more tantalizing combination than travel and food? The Will Fly for Food vlog is the perfect partner for foodies who love to travel, travelers who love food, and everything in between. In this tour, bask in the magic of Taiwan in the following attractions: Yehliu Geological Park, sky lanterns at Shifen, Shifen Waterfalls, and Jiufen Mining Town.

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Discover the enchanting Alishan Forest with JB and Renée Macatulad, the couple behind Will Fly for Food. From digging into bento boxes to riding the winding Alishan Forest Railway, the vlog is a wonderful look at the popular tourist attraction in Taiwan.

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Marvel at the captivating sights of Taichung, Taiwan in a video of the stunning Gaomei Wetlands and Rainbow Village. If you’re looking for vlogs to watch that aren’t too long but packed with useful information and interesting tidbits, Will Fly for Food is a great vlog to follow. Watch more of their videos here.


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*Featured image via Angel Dei, Ry Velasco, Ashley Sandrine Yap, I Am Aileen, and Will Fly for Food Facebook pages