6 K-Pop Music Videos That Showcase The Beauty Of South Korea

Craving an adventure in South Korea? It’s difficult to travel abroad in these challenging times, so instead, you can tame the travel bug in other ways. You can go to Philippine equivalents of South Korean destinations or watch K-dramas that can ease your wanderlust. But if you’re a K-pop music fan, you can also indulge in some nostalgic songs that feature the most stunning locations in the Land of the Morning Calm. These music videos should be on your YouTube playlist when you’re daydreaming of a trip to South Korea.



Spring Day by BTS

Spring Day vaguely features various locations in South Korea, but you can clearly picture the beauty of each place. Among them, one place has stood out for its idyllic beauty—the azure beach with a solitary bus stop where seven friends are huddled. This iconic BTS filming location is at Jumunjin Beach, Gangneung City, on the east coast of South Korea.

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Seoul by RM (BTS)

Seoul is a quaint lo-fi song co-produced by English duo Honne with BTS’s RM. It’s a nice music video to watch as you can see and appreciate Seoul through the eyes of RM, contemplating his love and hate relationship with the city. It feels familiar and remote at the same time. The MV features mundane everyday scenes in the bustling city, along with familiar landmarks like the Han River and Cheonggyecheon. 

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Daechwita by Agust D (BTS Suga)

Go on a historical tour through BTS Suga’s Daechwita music video, which is set in the Joseon era and filmed in Yongin Daejanggeum Park. This place is actually a popular filming location for historical K-dramas like Jewel in the Palace and Jumong. It has also become a tourist attraction where you can immerse yourself in traditional architecture from different periods in Korean history.

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Remember by Apink

Busan provided the perfect backdrop for Apink on a yacht in the music video of Remember. The city is a tropical paradise with a well-integrated urban scene. Aside from the sparkling beach, you can also spot other famous city landmarks in the MV like the iconic Diamond Bridge (Gwangandaegyo).

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The Blue Night of Jeju Island by Soyou

Ex-Sistar member Soyou breathes new life into The Blue Night of Jeju Island, a classic that was first released in 1988. The music video accurately depicts Jeju Island as the quintessential place of escape, which provides a stark contrast to the city. It showcases the natural beauty of the island province, from Jeju’s rocky beaches to the lush Gotjawal Forest and Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. 



LMM by Hwasa

The music video of LMM can spellbind anyone who watches it, with its dramatic scenery complemented by Hwasa’s powerful ballad. While the setting may seem to be out of this world, it is astonishingly a place that exists in South Korea. The MV was filmed on the remote island of Ulleungdo, featuring the lush landscape of Nari Basin and the futuristic Kosmos resort. 



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