Exciting Experiences To Try In Laguna For The Weekend

Chase your adrenaline fix gliding through the skies, rowing on a kayak, and getting muddy on an obstacle course in Laguna. From lakes to hot springs, volcanic peaks to lush plantations—the province offers an incredible spectrum of natural landscapes that lend well to adventure for every kind of traveler. If it’s a new escapade you’re after, these six exciting experiences in Laguna are the perfect weekend activities to add to your bucket list.



Run And Play At Mountain Lake Resort (Cavinti, Laguna)

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While the resort’s setting beside Lake Caliraya is quiet and tranquil, travelers will discover plenty of thrilling things to do on the grounds. Families with a penchant for outdoor recreation will fall in love with Mountain Lake Resort with its wide range of activities. Hop on a kayak to glide over smooth lake waters or enjoy a relaxing swim in the pristine resort pool. Travelers who want to see the beautiful resort from a bird’s eye view can fly through the sky on the zipline.

Exciting Highlights: Kayaking, ziplining, hanging bridge, and a delicious boodle fight lunch

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Indulge In Your Inner Child At Caliraya Resort Club (Lumban, Laguna)

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Another adventure haven by the shores of Caliraya Lake is the Caliraya Resort Club. Nestled on the mountaintop with incredible views of the lake, this resort is a giant playground for water lovers and kids at heart. Thrill-seekers revel in the unique recreational facilities, such as the Sky Bicycle and Hamster Wheel in the sky or the massive 86-foot Super Slide and muddy Slip N’ Slide. Well-loved favorites are also available, like kayaking, ziplining, and the water bike.

Exciting Highlights: Super Slide, Sky Bicycle, Giant Swing, and

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Venture Into The Rainforest For A Soothing Soak (Calauan, Laguna)

Hidden Valley Springs Laguna
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If your idea of adventure is a spa day out in nature, then Hidden Valley Springs should be your Laguna destination of choice. The natural hot springs are tucked away in the heart of the lush tropical rainforest, offering travelers a unique experience that is far and away more magical than any spa in the metro. Let the volcanic minerals in the water soothe your tired muscles in this private resort in Laguna.

Exciting Highlights: Six different thermal pools

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Cruise Up The Rapids To Majestic Pagsanjan Falls

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Travelers have been braving the rapids to Pagsanjan Falls for decades and it’s easy to see why. The most famous waterfall in Laguna is undoubtedly a majestic sight and the cool waters are refreshing on a hot summer day. The best way to get there is a two-hour canoe ride with local boatmen navigating upstream—sometimes even getting out to push or pull the narrow boat through sharp boulders—to the main Pagsanjan Falls. While the scenery is breathtakingly rugged, the boat ride is relaxing and pleasant. At the waterfalls, hop on a bamboo raft to sail to the tiny cavern known as Devil’s Cave underneath the cascade.

Exciting Highlights: Spectacular waterfalls, Devil’s Cave, and the occasional sight of monkeys on the boat ride

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