K-Drama Couples We Wish Would Date—Or Better Yet, Get Married—IRL

South Korean dramas are notorious for stealing the hearts of many (we doubt we’d ever get ours back). More often than not, it’s due to the perfect chemistry of the couples on screen. They feel so real and romantic, we’d not be surprised if these actors were dating in real life. They make such a strong lasting expression that we’d stay on their trail even after the show has ended, on high alert for any dating news. This makes us want to master the Korean language so we can be in the know of insider scoops you can only find in South Korean forums and news portals!

You’d understand what we mean if you watch these K-drama couples:



Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin

via Son Ye-jin (@yejinhand) on Instagram

Let’s start with the one closest to its realization: everybody’s favorite “BinJin” couple! Before they made waves as the heart-fluttering couple in Crash Landing on You, they’d been seen a lot in many other events and projects like a preamble to their real-life romance. Well, guess what? Son Ye-jin herself has admitted this New Year that they’re already, finally dating! What more could we ask for? Marriage, maybe!

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Park Hyung-sik and Park Bo-young


A lot of magical, spine-tingling scenes between MinMin and BongBong in Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon made fans convinced that the actors are meant for each other. Park Hyung-sik was open about his affection for Park Bo-young, and the actress once admitted falling for the actor’s gaze.

Unfortunately, we don’t have another drama with the Park-Park couple (yet!). However, we can always relive their swoony moments in Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon while indulging in thousand-gram dirty brownies!



Kim Myung-soo and Shin Hae-sun


Kim Myung-soo (also known in the K-pop world as L of Infinite) and Shin Hae-sun first got onto people’s radar for their fiery and undeniable chemistry in Angel’s Last Mission: Love. After that, a lot of fans can’t help but notice how naturally comfortable they are with each other on and off-screen—how Myung-soo looks at her and how Hae-sun just blushes! 

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Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won


The connection between the two in Fight for My Way was so fun and cute, which also earned them the title of aegyo couple. Add to that the fact their characters in the drama were so relatable that we couldn’t help but feel attached to the actors too.

Fight for My Way is one of the best K-dramas you wouldn’t get tired of rewatching, especially with this couple’s many aegyo moments! Watch the drama (again) with these addicting boba buns from Miss B.



Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun-hye

This one is already old (but truly gold), yet more than a decade later, we really are still wishing that the stars of Coffee Prince would date each other. Their recent reunion in MBC’s Docu Flex sent sparks flying among fans, especially after realizing that they are both still single! Their Coffee Prince love line had effectively made everyone’s hearts tingle, even when Eun Chan (Yoon Eun-hye) was playing out her pretty boy disguise. Since then, they will always be one of the most iconic K-drama couples. 

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*Featured image via tvN, JTBC, and KBS2