Laguna Road Trip: Best Experiences To Try In The New Normal

Laguna is one of the best places to go on a road trip because of its natural scenery that can give you the instant recharge that you need. Depending on where you are in the metro, you can get to Laguna in as fast as 30 minutes. As you go deeper into the province, the scenery also gets greener and greener—or bluer, if you’re headed towards one of Laguna’s many lakes.

If you’re going on a full-day road trip, you can loop around the Philippines’ largest lake Laguna de Bay so you can explore several towns and activities in the province. Check out the best places to go and things you can do in Laguna in the new normal below.



Santa Rosa

via Nuvali

Distance from Manila: 45 mins. – 1 hr.


There’s a lot of good urban development in Laguna, and Santa Rosa is right at the front of it. You can make it your first stop for your Laguna road trip. Grab breakfast at one of the many dining options in Nuvali or the nearby Vista Mall. For shopping, you can also find practically everything from top brands to more budget-friendly bazaars. Be sure to also check out the outlet stores at the neighboring Paseo de Sta. Rosa. 

If you miss the thrilling rides at Enchanted Kingdom, it’s only a 15-minute drive from Nuvali. Book your admission tickets early!



Los Baños

via Rei L.

Distance from Santa Rosa: 30 – 45 mins.


  • Mount Makiling view 
  • UP Los Baños
  • Local pasalubong shops

Just driving by Los Baños is already awe-inspiring with the ever-present view of Mount Makiling. Normally, you’d be able to go close and go on a day hike. But currently, the forest reserve is still closed to the public. In the new normal, however, you can stop by the little college community outside of UP Los Baños and go on a food trip around many small but delicious restaurants and snack stalls. Don’t forget to pick up a box of the famous Mer-Nel’s chocolate cake, UPLB DTRI dairy products, and of course, buko pie!




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Distance from Los Baños: 20 mins.


It’s hard to miss Calauan; you’ll know when you see the huge pineapple statue in the middle of the town plaza. Aside from the abundance of sweet pineapples, the town is also worth a stop for its resorts and seafood restaurants. If relaxation is your goal on this Laguna road trip, then it will be worth allotting time for Hidden Valley Springs.



San Pablo

via Rei L.

Distance from Calauan: 20 mins.


  • Seven Lakes
  • Mount Banahaw view

San Pablo is also known as the city of seven lakes, and it’s easy to guess why. It literally has seven lakes in its cradle, the biggest of which is Sampaloc Lake. It is also the most accessible from the town center. The lake is backdropped by a view of Mount Banahaw and bordered by lush trees. There is a trail around the lake that’s ideal for biking so bring your bike if you have one. San Pablo is generally cool and breezy so it won’t be such a tiring activity. 




via Liliw Turismo

Distance from San Pablo: 40 mins.


  • Footwear shops
  • Liliw Church

Even if you don’t need new shoes or slippers, you can’t simply pass on getting a pair from Liliw. Aptly known as Laguna’s tsinelas (slippers) capital, Liliw is saturated with local stores of cheap but quality shoes that go as low as PHP 100. Head to Gat Tayaw Street where you can find many of the best shops. 

Liliw is also quite a picturesque old town that has preserved many of its ancestral buildings. A stroll around the town would feel like a trip down memory lane, culminating at the centuries-old Liliw Church. 




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Distance from Liliw: 1 hr.


The most popular feature of Cavinti is Caliraya Lake, a man-made lake that has become a destination for team building and family bonding. It should be the focus of your road trip if you’re into water sports and adventure. Resorts like Caliraya Resort and Mountain Lake Resort offer a nice blend of relaxation and exhilaration. Their lakefront locations are peaceful, but they’re also the site for activities like kayaking, banana boat, and jet-skiing. 



Going back to Manila, you can proceed north around Laguna de Bay, passing by Rizal province. If you still have time or if you want another road trip for another day, check out these things you can do in a day in Antipolo, Rizal.



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