These Cute And Quirky Souvenirs Are Taking Our Hearts To Japan

It’s easy to fall in love with Japan’s ancient temples, mouthwatering cuisine, and an incredible array of natural sights. It’s not surprising that most tourists plan to visit this country someday—and even those who have already been to the archipelago end up wanting to return as soon as possible.

For now, travel is still limited in and out of Singapore due to the coronavirus pandemic. But if you’re craving for Japanese culture a little extra these days, a few goodies from the Land of the Rising Sun may be exactly what you need.

Snacks and knick-knacks are popular souvenirs from Japan, but homeware and décor can be just as satisfying. For instance, let the charm of Japan fill your home with enchanting Marumo Takagi pieces that are both functional and stylish. Marumo Takagi is a Japanese ceramics and glassware brand known for its high-quality workmanship and charming designs. Many of the pieces from the company are pretty with a fun quirk that sets them apart from other items on the shelf. From a country known for fusing ancient traditions with a vibrant future, it’s the perfect memento for travelers dreaming of flying back to Japan!



Marumo Takagi Cold-Sensing Shirahira Cup or Champagne Glass

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Seeing cherry blossom trees in full bloom is a highlight of any trip to Japan. Experience this wonder over and over again with the delightful Marumo Takagi cold-sensing glassware. Pour a cold drink into the Shirahira cup or champagne glass, then marvel as the plain-colored tree design blooms into a vibrant pink cherry blossom.Any drink will do, as long as the temperature is 17°C (62.6°F) or below.

Each set includes two pieces of your glass of choice, whether you prefer to add cute Shirahira cups or elegant champagne glasses to your glassware collection (or better yet, both). It’s also a thoughtful gift for your Japan-loving friends! While these innovative souvenirs are fun and quirky, the delicate cherry blossom illustration offers a classic design that makes the glasses a wonderful dining room option even after the novelty has worn off.

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Marumo Takagi Panda & Penguin Milk Bottle

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For kids and kids at heart, the spunky milk bottles by Marumo Takagi could make drinking milk an extra fun and delicious experience every day. Invisible penguins and pandas suddenly materialize on the glass as soon as you pour cold drinks in it, whether you prefer to drink milk, juice, or even just water. Like the cherry blossoms, the animal pattern will appear with drinks at 17°C (62.6°F) or below.

Enjoy serving a variety of drinks in these unique lead-free crystal bottles—the more colorful the beverage, the cuter the pandas and penguins become! Each set comes with one penguin bottle and one panda bottle. Simple, sturdy, and far from ordinary, these bottles are a fun and eclectic addition to your dinnerware cabinet.

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