Best Workshops To Try For Your Next Date

Even during a pandemic, going on dates and romance don’t have to be any less fun or romantic! Now get your creative juices flowing by making something together on this special occasion. You can make handmade jewelry, personalized soaps, or even a mini garden. Make it a day of firsts!

So if you are looking for something different to try after a romantic date, you might want to try getting crafty at these workshops. Check out this list of workshops for you to try with your significant other on Valentine’s Day:



Unleash Your Inner Green Thumb In The Green Capsule

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Did you know that closed terrariums create a humid environment similar to the tropics? They’re also are one of the easiest plants to keep alive—they thrive even when you ignore them! Create a mini lush garden and be amazed to learn about plants that can be seal in and grow in their mini-ecosystem. You don’t need green thumbs to join this one-hour guided workshop. Staff is available to give tips on taking care of your terrarium. Have a crafty day full of plants and mosses with your significant other!

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Learn To Craft Handmade Jewelry In Balestier

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Cozy and intimate, this is a workshop to look out for! Make the symbol of your love more meaningful by crafting a customized ring or cuff in Fat Anvil Studios. Learn basic silversmithing techniques in a two-hour session with the guidance of professional instructors. It’s a great bonding activity to create something special for you and your loved ones!

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Create Your Favorite Scent In Goodman Arts Centre

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Creating a scent is more than blending oils— it’s about putting your personality into a bottle and wearing it with confidence. This 2-hour workshop will let you take a personality test and see which ingredients suit your personality. For instance, you can take your pick from over 60 various ranges of essential oils and design a personalized perfume for yourself or someone you love. It’s the ultimate Singapore souvenir!

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Make Your Own Floral-Themed Soaps In Rdytoglow

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Melt and pour soap making is a fun and easy way to get started making soap. Make your floral-themed soap in this 2-hour workshop with the help of an instructor. Firstly, customize your soap with various essential oils, colorants, and dried flowers. Then make it more personalize by stamping the soaps with you and your loved one’s initials, which would be a perfect Valentine’s gift as well!

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Embrace Your Crafty Side In The Polymer Clay Workshop

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Looking for a statement piece to complete your look in the coming holidays? Let your creative juices flow in this 3.5-hour clay necklace and earring-making workshop experience. This hands-on workshop will inspire your creativity as you’ll have access to an extensive clay collection and different crafting materials like ribbons, glitter, pompoms, tassels, and more.

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Practice Your Leathercraft Skills In Crafune Workshop

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Ever wondered what goes into making those perfectly crafted leather goods you see in stores? Experience the process of creating leather goods from scratch in this 2-hour workshop. Try it firsthand here with Crafune, but don’t worry because this workshop is suitable for people of all experience levels.

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All these workshops implement COVID-19 health measures to keep the activities fun and safe at the same time, so keep in mind these safety tips!



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