5 Taiwanese Snacks You Can Enjoy This CNY

If you’re a fan of Taiwan dramas, food, and culture, Taiwan is probably on your list of must-visit places. However, due to the current pandemic, Malaysians have once again gone into lockdown and travelling overseas is out of the question. If you had plans to visit Taiwan this year, don’t be disheartened! Indulge in delectable Taiwan snacks this Chinese New Year to satisfy your wanderlust. The magic of travelling lies in exploring local snacks and street food, so why not have the amazingly unique taste of Taiwan delivered to your doorstep this CNY?

Check out these 5 delicious Taiwanese treats you can enjoy this Lunar New Year!


Pineapple Cake

These buttery pastries with sweet and tart pineapple filling are popular in Taiwan. Have a box of these yummy pineapple cakes delivered to your loved ones in Malaysia or Singapore. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a box of freshly baked pastries!

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Order a box of these treats from the prestigious SunnyHills, a well-renowned Taiwanese brand. These beautifully packaged pineapple cakes, made with high quality ingredients, are a wonderful gift for your family and friends.

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Prefer to send something symbolising abundant prosperity and wealth? Then, the Gold Ingot Pineapple Cakes from the famous Taiwanese confectionery, Shou Xin Fang, is the perfect choice. Send your loved ones a box of these edible Gold Ingots to wish them a happy and prosperous new year ahead.

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French Nougat

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If you’re craving for something sweet, chewy, and nutty, then these French Nougats are for you! These little bite-sized goodies are one of the must-eat snacks in Taiwan. Now, you can have them delivered right to your doorstep! Made by the Taiwanese specialty store Sugar & Spice, these treats are prepared with natural ingredients without additives or preservatives. Surprise your family and friends with a gift set of scrumptious French Nougat, Almond Sticks, Almond Cookies, and Pineapple Cake.

Order a sweet and yummy gift set for your family and friends now!



Egg Roll Cookies

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No CNY celebration is complete without egg roll cookies. This year, you can have these light and crispy treats flown in from Taiwan! Indulge in the unique flavour of the 8-shaped egg roll cookies made by the premier June 1st brand. Choose between different flavours such as original, chocolate, sesame, and coffee. Kick-start the Lunar New Year with this classic delight!

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Castella Cakes

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Taiwanese castella cakes are traditional sponge cakes that are soft, fluffy, and bouncy. You don’t have to go to Taiwan to enjoy this traditional treat. Yuan Taste bakes traditional castella cakes in a variety of flavours including original, chocolate, cheese, pandan, and almond cranberry. Yuan Taste has outlets across Malaysia, so visit an outlet near you or order your favourite flavours through a food delivery app.



Snowflake Crisp

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This popular snack in Taiwan is made by mixing fruits, nuts, crispy biscuit pieces, and wonderful flavourings into melted marshmallows. This unique combination of ingredients provides this snack its distinct crunchy and chewy texture. These bite-sized treats are perfect to enjoy with your family during the upcoming festive season.

The Original Cake in Malaysia sells these handmade goodies in various flavours including cranberry, matcha berry, and chocolate. Buy a packet and share it with your loved ones. On second thought, buy two packets, just in case!



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