10 Reasons To Try Glamping In Singapore

Glamping or “glamorous camping” combines luxury and outdoor camping, providing an ultra-convenient way for people to take a break from the city and connect with Mother Nature. It’s an activity that’s on the rise in Singapore with places like Kampung Kampus providing green spaces and glamping packages for a hassle-free adventure in the great outdoors. 

Here, we share 10 reasons why it’s a great idea to go glamping for your next vacation.



Spending Time In Nature Is Good For You

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The prospect of staying a night or two in the great outdoors is the greatest draw of glamping, especially for people who live in the metro surrounded by buildings and concrete 24/7. Every now and then, it’s essential to seek out nature for your well-being. Research has found that spending time in or living close to green spaces is associated with a range of health benefits such as the reduced risk of type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It also lowers diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, and stress. 



Teach Kids To Love Nature

There’s more to life than TikTok and Nintendo—and it’s best for children to learn this early! Glamping is a family-friendly activity that’s perfect to get youngsters off their screens and up on their feet once in a while. Wide, open spaces aren’t always easy to find, but most glampsites offer an amazing place for kids to play and explore. 



Before Camping, Try Glamping

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There’s nothing wrong with taking baby steps when it comes to the outdoors. If you don’t feel you’re ready to take on camping, why not start with glamping? Glampers get all the best parts of camping—the outdoors, campfire, and isolation—without all the work of hiking to a remote location, pitching a tent, and tinkering with all the camp gear.

Unlike camping, there’s no need to sleep on the cold and hard ground. Instead, you get a cushy bed to rest in! And if the weather turns sour, it’s also much, much more convenient to be at a comfortable glampsite. 



No Need To Buy And Bring Your Own Stuff

Camp life is an investment with plenty of gear required even for first-timers such as a tent, sleeping bag, cooking supplies, headlamp, and more. If you’re new to outdoorsy vacations and aren’t ready to splurge on expensive equipment just yet, glamping is a wonderful alternative.

At Kampung Kampus, comfortable accommodations and amenities are already set up for you upon arrival. Each picturesque bell tent is equipped with three queen-size beds and even a BBQ pit. Basically, all you need to do is show up and have fun!



Rest And De-Stress Completely

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Hotel staycations are great, but there’s nothing like the sense of freedom you get from being in a remote space away from the city. Glamping lets you leave all your stresses behind and go off the grid for a night or two, taking you out of reach from work and other responsibilities.



Bond With More People In The Tent

Not everyone is happy staying inside a cramped tent with a bunch of other people. Every experience is different, but most glamping tents tend to be much more spacious than regular tents. Multiple beds, fans, and electricity make it a comfortable setup for whole groups so you and your pals can enjoy a fun bonding experience together in a single tent. 



Endless Photo Opportunities

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Five-star hotels and resorts may be amazing, but there’s nothing quite as stunning as nature. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a traveler with a smartphone, glamping gives you something new to post on your Facebook feed: the sun setting over the trees, animals in their natural habitat, or a selfie with the lush forests as your backdrop. 



An Affordable Retreat In The Wild

Not a lot of cash to spare for a holiday vacation? Unlike big trips abroad or fancy retreats that cost an arm and a leg, glamping getaways are affordable for most travelers. Even a luxury glamping experience at Kampung Kampus won’t cost you much, especially if you book the exclusive offer via KKday.   



New Opportunities To Learn And Grow

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The city may be home to loads of fun entertainment activities, but the wilderness features experiences that can’t be found in the city as well. From hiking and nature walks to arts and crafts, the great outdoors have plenty to offer city folks who want to try something new for the holidays. At Kampung Kampus, farm tours and woodworking workshops are available. 



Glamping Is The Ideal Vacation For Anyone, Anytime 

One of the best things about glamping is that it suits every type of trip, whether you’re planning a family vacation, a bonding experience for friends, or a romantic getaway to celebrate an anniversary. It’s enough of an adventure to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts while remaining cozy for the kids and seniors who are along for the ride. In tropical Singapore, glamping is also something you can enjoy all year round! 

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