The Best K-Dramas of 2020

We’re down to the last few days of 2020 and this year was full of amazing Korean dramas that kept us sane throughout lengthy lockdown and quarantine periods! Here, we list down the best K-Dramas of 2020—make your K-Drama marathon a lot more fun by having a Korean BBQ night!



It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

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It’s Okay Not To Be Okay is not your typical love story where the boy chases after the girl. In this drama, it’s the other way around! The story centers around a caretaker at a psychiatric ward (Kim Soo Hyun) who crosses paths with a children’s book writer (Seo Yea Ji). The two manage to unravel each of their dark pasts and work through their trauma together. 

Why see it? This drama will keep viewers glued to their seats thanks to the lead actors’ push-and-pull dynamic. And there aren’t a lot of Korean dramas that attempt to depict mental health and illnesses so it’s a breath of fresh air.




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Start-Up revolves around young people who are eager to start their businesses at SandBox, the world of start-up companies. Seo Dal Mi (Bae Suzy) and Nam Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk) are chosen to join Sandbox in which both will share a connection as individuals who try their luck at setting their start-ups. 

Why see it? Start-Up is about young dreamers with a rocky path to success and everything in between—family, love, and career. The relatable storyline shows the ups and downs of life. You also don’t want to miss Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Seon Ho)—the most appealing second lead right now.



Hospital Playlist

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Hospital Playlist tells the story of five doctors who have been friends for 20 years and share the same passion for music. It portrays the characters’ lives as a whole, each day with a new story.

Why see it? Hospital Playlist allows viewers to get to know the characters and their lives in each episode. The five friends are the core of the drama, and every single one of them is utterly lovable!



Itaewon Class 

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Based on the webtoon of the same title, Itaewon Class tells the story of ex-convict Park Saeroyi (Park Seo Jun), who strives to establish his bar and be the best in the food industry. His ultimate goal is to get revenge for his father’s death, which was caused by the Jangga family. 

Why see it? This drama takes you to Seoul’s international neighborhood, Itaewon. The entire series is filled with juicy twists and turns! It also tackles social taboos like LGBTQIA+ issues, racism, and injustice.



Crash Landing On You

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The phenomenal series first aired in December 2019, but most episodes aired in 2020 so we added it here! Crash Landing On You follows the story of a South Korean fashion businesswoman who accidentally lands in North Korea and is helped by a North Korean officer at the risk of his own life.

Why see it? This drama mixes romance with comedy and tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers. Switzerland’s dreamy landscapes served as the perfect backdrops to some of the most memorable scenes in the drama. It also offers insights into daily life in South Korea and North Korea. If you want to know more about North Korea yet don’t have the means to go there, you can watch this drama. 



The World of the Married

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The World of the Married is the South Korean adaptation of the popular BBC series Doctor Foster. It follows the story of a family doctor who thinks her life is perfect until she learns that her husband has been cheating on her. The couple finds themselves entangled in dangerous affairs that could cost them their lives. 

Why see it? The World of the Married made history in South Korea for having the highest viewership ratings of all time in a cable network. Each episode will keep you on the edge of your seats because of the intense twists and cliffhangers. 



The King: Eternal Monarch

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From the maker of the hit dramas The Heirs and Goblin, the story follows Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho), a Korean emperor from The Kingdom of Corea. He meets detective Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun) from a parallel universe, they have to work together to fight the force of evil and close the door between two separate worlds.

Why see it? This drama has it all: parallel universe, time travel, a handsome king, a real girl crush female lead, and some romance!



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Words by Hannah Viray
Featured image from tvN & JTBC