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9 Breathtakingly Beautiful Beaches in Langkawi, Kedah

The Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi is the largest Malaysian archipelago and a home up to 99 astonishingly beautiful islands. The beauty of Langkawi beaches is ethereal and magical–authentically attractive, majestically appealing with picturesque sceneries.

Full of magnificent nature wonders, this island offers alluring beaches to be discovered. Here are 9 breathtakingly beautiful beaches in Langkawi for your next beach vacation.

Pantai Cenang

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Langkawi’s longest and most famous beach, Pantai Cenang lies on the western coast. Just a 10-minute drive from Langkawi International Airport, this beach is conveniently accessible. There are a number of beach activities to indulge in; jet skiing, parasailing, and scuba diving. On the other hand, its nightlife is considered the liveliest in Langkawi.

Particularly popular for families, Pantai Cenang is packed with family-friendly attractions such as Rice Garden Museum and Underwater World Langkawi.

Pantai Tengah

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Located just around the southern bend of Pantai Cenang, many argue that Pantai Tengah to be a continuation of it rather than a separate stretch. Compared to its southern neighbor, this beach feels a little less developed. However, it is a perfect spot to relax and unwind. Well-known for its unobstructed mountain views, Pantai Tengah is particularly remarkable to enjoy its sunset view.

Pantai Kok

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Located northwest of the airport, Pantai Kok is in the opposite direction to the most touristy areas in Langkawi. Despite looking relatively undeveloped, these gorgeous stretches of sand are actually dominated by high-end upscale resorts. In addition to its natural beauty, Pantai Kok is also renowned for its magnificent and unique architecture lighthouse, and yacht club.

Plus, there are a wide variety of activities and attractions nearby, including the Langkawi Sky Cab and Telaga Tujuh Waterfall. Book your ticket here to get a birds-eye view of Langkawi!


Pulau Payar

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One of the most islands in Langkawi, Pulau Payar is a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts. Located close to the main island, it offers pure crystal clear seawater and an unpolluted ocean environment for you to relax and enjoy. Apart from that, you even have the chance to swim with baby sharks living by the shore-side!

Immerse yourself in crystal clear waters and surrounded by tropical marine life and majestic corals.

Tanjung Rhu

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Tanjung Rhu is one of Langkawi’s best shoreline. Rightly deserved so, the route to this beach will take you through dense forests. It is totally worth it as you will arrive at the beach with crystal clear waters and refined, powder-like sand–perfect spot for a picnic.

This quiet beach is rather smaller compared to other beaches on the island, but the pristine conditions and remarkable views are priceless.

Datai Bay

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Located in the remote and rather undeveloped northwest corner of Langkawi, Datai Bay is one of the most beautiful and undisturbed beaches on the island. Framed by majestic, jungle-covered mountains and forests, the quiet beach is pristine and free from human touch. While you can swim in the warm waters, it also features great views of the ocean.

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak

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Hidden away on the northern coastline, Pantai Pasir Tengkorak is a secluded place if you want a stretch of heaven without sharing it with other fellow travelers. It offers a forested area that comes with soft white sands and clear waters – perfect for relaxing and swimming.

This beach is part of Hutan Lipur Pasir Tengkorak Recreational Forest, so you can find shower rooms, picnic tables, and shaded gazebos here.

Black Sand Beach

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s the name suggests, the sand on this beach is literally black. Located on the island’s north-central coast, Black Sand Beach is prominent due to its unique and aesthetic striation of white and black sands.

Legend has it that this mysterious beach and its black sand is a curse by a scorned mermaid, while some argued that it was due to geological wonders. Swimming and sunbathing are not recommended here, but this beach certainly worth a photo (or more!).

Shark Bay Beach


Despite its relatively small area, many people claimed that Shark Bay Beach is one of the best beaches in Langkawi. Undoubtedly, its sandy beach and crystal clear waters make it one of the island’s most beautiful spots.

Despite its name, this beach is not a shark-infested area. Rather, it gets the name from the stone shark dotted along the beach promenade. Besides, the beach is said to be a continuation of Black Sand Beach.

These magically beautiful beaches will certainly make your dream vacation comes true. So where are you heading to this weekend? For more thrilling adventures and beyond, check out KKday now!

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