Super Fun Outdoor Activities To Try In Klang Valley

Being cooped up all day can be frustrating and stressful especially if you’re working from home or just stuck at the office most of the time. It’s important to remember to go out and participate in some outdoor activities. You don’t have to go far from KL since there are tons of fun activities right in Klang Valley. 



Go to a petting zoo 

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Petting Zoos can be so much fun because you can interact and get up close and personal with the animals. Two exceptional places come to mind such as the Broga Petting Zoo which specializes in farm animals. The goal of this place is to introduce you to a farmer’s life where you can collect eggs and much more. There are also 50 animals to interact with and more than 20 breeds of chicken you can learn about. If you do decide to head here check out our discounted package.

Address: Lot PT, 1351, Jalan Sungai Lalang, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor
Operating Hours: Saturday & Sunday 10 AM – 5 PM
Contact: +6010 5286118

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The second place is Go 2 Goat Animal Garden where you can get the whole experience as there is are traditional petting zoo animals such as cute bunnies and guinea pigs, plus exotic and wild ones. There are over 60 species of local and exotic tame animals for you to interact with and learn about. Additionally, this place is child friendly so it’s definitely somewhere to go with the whole family in mind so be sure to see check out this budget-friendly package option.

Address: Jalan MAEPS 4/1, Fasa 3 Presint 9, 43400 Serdang, Selangor
Operating Hours: Wednesday to Monday 10 AM – 7 PM (closed on Tuesdays)
Contact: +6018 2826423



Fly kites at Kepong Metropolitan Lake Garden

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This place is known for kite flying due to the strong wind that blows through here, even its nickname is Taman Layang-Layang which literally translate to kite park. Here, you will see tons of people running around with their families and kites soaring high. There are even vendors who sell them so don’t worry if you don’t have one. Plus, there are also playing with bubbles and the materials needed are sold there too. It is also a great place to have a picnic since it has a gorgeous sunset view.

Address: Jalan Lingkaran Tengah 2, Kepong Metropolitan Lake-garden, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Operating Hours: 6 AM – 8 PM daily
Contact: +603 62594270



Play quidditch in real life!

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Yes, you can play this fictional Harry Potter game in reality, and trust me it is just as fun. Quidditch isn’t only for Potterheads as everyone should try it once in their life. It would make for a great story to tell at parties. Malaysia is one of 40 countries to officially make it a sport. However real-life quidditch uses deflated volleyballs as the quaffle, the snitch is only worth 30 points and you have to play with a broomstick between your legs. It’s definitely something incredibly fun and spontaneous to do!

Address: Jalan BU 4/1, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya
Operating Hours: Sunday 8.30 AM – 10.30 AM (note that the timing relies on the weather so it’s best to contact them beforehand)
Contact: Message Damansara Dementors Quidditch on Facebook or email them at



Get a horse riding lesson 

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Horse riding is an activity as old as time and is not only fun but peaceful as you bond with such a soulful animal. However, even wondered the proper way to ride? You can learn from professional guides at the Equestrian Park Putrajaya which was established in 2006 and inaugurated by Malaysia’s 4th Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad. The main objective of this place is to promote equestrian sports in Malaysia. So, take a ride down here and learn how to ride like a pro with our horse riding package.  

Address: Jalan Kandang Kuda, Precinct 5, 62200 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM (closed on Mondays)
Contact: +603 80008902



Experience the rainforest fully at FRIM

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So, the most amazing thing about Malaysia is our lush and untouched rainforests. Take a break from the city and head over to one of our preserved jungles at the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM). FRIM is the best place to go to experience all the activities one can do at a rainforest as they have it all. Hiking, jogging, mountain biking, bird watching, picnics, photography and they even have event packages for weddings, treasure hunts as well as an amazing race. The cherry on top? You can even hire your own nature guide!

Address: Jalan Frim, Kepong, 52109 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
Operating Hours: 5:30AM-7PM (last entrance at 6PM)
Contact: +6 03 6279 7649 or email them at



In conclusion, you don’t have an excuse to head out and get some fresh air as all the places above are conveniently located in Klang Valley. So, what are you waiting for? Put your adventure pants on and try out the activities listed. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your new favourite outdoor recreation. 



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